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Cell Culture Facility

Cell culture is an important tool for understanding basic biological processes and for analysis of compounds that may have therapeutic potential in a variety of human diseases. The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry established a secure cell culture laboratory in 2007 in the Research building. The facility is utilized by multiple users who maintain and employ numerous mammalian and insect cell lines for research purposes. The facility currently houses two laminar flow hoods, a refrigerator/freezer, a manual defrost freezer, three water-jacketed carbon dioxide incubators, a liquid nitrogen cryosystem, a swinging bucket centrifuge, a multi-mode absorbance/fluorescence plate reader with computer, and two inverted microscopes (one with an attached digital camera). The facility is completely outfitted with all necessary items to support cell culture.

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For more information please contact Professor Michael R. Nichols, (314)516-7345, nicholsmic@umsl.edu.