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“Each year, I look forward to seeing my old friends and making new ones. This program is ultimately shaping my future and providing direction for the college process! I have outlined steps to assist me in what to look for in a future college. Each Saturday, I enjoy the potential of learning new things through each of my core classes. Overall, the Bridge Program has been a solid experience for me.”
- Charlie Farris, Ritenour High School


“I’m extremely grateful to have found the Bridge Program. The impact that this program has had on our lives is indescribable.  The knowledge my daughter gained about academics, college, interpersonal communications, and life in general has been priceless. I am more confident in assisting my daughter with her college transition. The commitment from staff was unwavering and genuine. “Bridge” is the perfect name for this program. Thank you a million times for bridging the gap between high school and college. I wish continued success.”          
– Selena Chalmers, mother of Carina Chalmers, Belleville Township High School West


“Participating in the UMSL Bridge Program has positively impacted me in a multitude of ways. I have been able to explore career options and learn more about professions for which I have an interest. This program has truly made me think about my future and what steps I need to take in order to reach my goals. The practice ACT helped me tremendously in overcoming my fears of taking the test for the first time. Overall, the teachers and the courses have helped me discover more about what I need to do to make my future dreams a reality.”                   
– Sally Njenga, Hazelwood West High School


“My perspective about participating in the program changed immediately once I stepped foot on campus.  I’ve made life-long friends with whom I look forward to continuing the program. Every instructor was incredibly kind and accommodating. This program also helps me think outside-of-the-box in planning for my future. I enjoy this program and it’s been a very good experience for me!” 
– Jack LaChance, Christian Brothers College High School


“If I could describe the UMSL Bridge Program in one word, it would be unexpected. This program is absolutely worth every minute I’ve spent here! My knowledge and understanding of core subjects has increased exponentially.  Bridge provides us the opportunity to get ahead and prepare for our future after high school. It has truly been a transformative experience.”  
– Mouhamed Ly, University City High School


“As a first year Bridge parent, I can’t stress enough how beneficial this program was for my daughter and I. All of the information and tools from the student courses and especially the parent workshops, were extremely valuable. The “Overcoming Parenting Fears” session addressed parenting fears, failures, and the stress that we as parents put on our children. This was an eye-opening experience for me. I ran home and told my husband about everything that I had learned. This experience has been both informative and exciting for us both. The “college experience” for a high school student is key in preparing them for life after high school. I am so grateful to the UMSL Bridge Program for this opportunity. Thank you!”
- Temiko Williams, mother of Kendall Williams, McCluer North High School


“The UMSL Bridge Program has significantly improved my understanding of the ACT. In one year, my practice score increased from a 25 to a 31. The Bridge Program instructors encourage me to think critically, challenge my own thoughts and embrace other perspectives and theories. This program has launched my creativity, captivated my interests, and opened my eyes to what the future holds.”
– Tyler Wright, Pattonville High School


“From the time my daughter and I started the program, I have seen tremendous growth in Maya. I am truly grateful that the program has provided her with a true college experience and the confidence it takes to succeed in life. I applaud the work that the Bridge Program is doing! You are truly changing the lives of so many!” 
– Debra Owens, mother of Maya Owens, Hazelwood Central High School



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