Vocal Point member collage

"Hello New Day"
Vocal Point
(University of Missouri – St. Louis)
Directed by James Henry

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1. Another Hundred People
Words and Music: Stephen Sondheim
Arr. Jonathan Rathbone

2. God Only Knows
Words and Music: Brian Wilson & Mike Love
Arr. Tomas Bergquist

3. 59th Street Bridge Song (Feelin’ Groovy)
Words and Music: Paul Simon
Arr. Kevin Fox

4. Blackbird/I Will
Words and Music: John Lennon & Paul McCartney
Arr. Jonathan Rathbone
Featuring Keegan Eich & Rita Schien

5. Undecided
Words: Sid Robin
Music: Charles Shavers
Arr. David Wright

6. Thousand Things
Words and Music: Anders Edenroth
Arr. Magnus Lindgren / 5-part adaptation Anders Jalkeus
Featuring Madeleine James

7. Without a Song
Words: Edward Eliscu & Billy Rose
Music: Vincent Youmans
Arr. Sam Hubbard

Vocal Point

James Henry (Director)
Gail Hintz (Rehearsal pianist)

Audrey Carr (Alto 1/Soprano 2)
Jordan Carr (Tenor 1/2)
Keegan Eich (Baritone/Tenor 2)
Joshlyn Enochs (Alto 1/2)
Seth Ferrell (Tenor 1/2)
Mollie Garrett (Alto 2)
James Haessig (Bass)
Madeleine James (Soprano 1/2)
Parker Miller (Bass/Baritone/Tenor 2)
Matthew Pointer (Tenor 1/2)
Lauren Reagan (Alto 1/Soprano 1/2)
Sam Rinkenbaugh (Bass)
Rita Schien (Soprano 1/2)
Sarah Sheehy (Soprano 1/2)


Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by Dan Kury, kurysound.com

Recorded at the University of Missouri – St. Louis

All songs recorded and distributed with permission