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An audition is required to participate in the University of Missouri-St. Louis Jazz Orchestra or in any number of jazz combos.

The student will be asked to:

  1. play scales - all major, dominant, dorian, and locrian scales two octaves in eighth notes at quarter note = 100
  2. perform two jazz standards of contrasting tempo (ballad and up tempo) and styles (swing, latin, etc…) for jazz combo and one jazz standard for the jazz ensemble
  3. sight-reading will be required based upon jazz ensemble and/or combo literature (with style interpretation)
  4. improvisation (required for combo and solo chairs in jazz ensemble)
  5. play a jazz blues progression on piano (combo audition only)

For additional information regarding auditions, schedule, concerts, activities, and performance availability, please email Professor Dawn Weber: dmw82d@umsl.edu

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