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Annual Reports of the Mercantile Library

The board of directors of the St. Louis Mercantile Library Association met every January to discuss the progress of the past year.  At the third of these meetings in 1849, they decided to publish the proceedings of the meeting and store them for future generations.  In the library's early years, they met in various spaces including the Odd Fellows Hall and Wyman Hall.  Being business men, they then created the Mercantile Library Hall Company for the construction of a new building.  This company had its own board of directors and annual meeting.  Its annual report was printed with that of the library association's for the decade and a half of its existence.  Ultimately the library association bought all shares of the company and came to own their building outright.


Report,  Notes
Meeting Date
3rd Annual Report 01-09-1849 1848
4th Annual Report 01-08-1850 1849
5th Annual Report 01-14-1851 1850
6th Annual Report, 1st Library Hall Report (LHR) 01-19-1852 1851
7th Annual Report, 2nd LHR, German Translation 01-17-1853 1852
8th Annual Report, 3rd LHR 01-10-1854 1853
9th Annual Report, 4th LHR, William Homes Address 01-09-1855 1854
10th Annual Report, 5th LHR 01-08-1856 1855
11th Annual Report, 6th LHR 01-13-1857 1856
12th Annual Report, 7th LHR, A. Chouteau Journal 01-12-1858 1857
13th Annual Report, 8th LHR 01-11-1859 1858
14th Annual Report, 9th LHR (labeled 8th LHR) 01-10-1860 1859
15th Annual Report, 10th LHR (labeled 9th LHR) 01-08-1861 1860
16th Annual Report, 11th LHR 01-14-1862 1861
17th Annual Report, 12th LHR 01-13-1863 1862
18th Annual Report, 13th LHR 01-12-1864 1863
19th Annual Report, 14th LHR 01-10-1865 1864
20th Annual Report, 15th LHR 01-09-1866 1865
21st Annual Report, 16th LHR 01-08-1867 1866
22nd Annual Report 01-14-1868 1867
23rd Annual Report 01-12-1869 1868
24th Annual Report 01-11-1870 1869
25th Annual Report, Yeatman Speech, Garret Poem 01-10-1871 1870
26th Annual Report 01-09-1872 1871
27th Annual Report 01-14-1873 1872
28th Annual Report 01-13-1874 1873
29th Annual Report 01-10-1875 1874
30th Annual Report 01-11-1876 1875
31st Annual Report 01-09-1877 1876
32nd Annual Report 01-08-1878 1877
33rd Annual Report 01-14-1879 1878
34th Annual Report 01-13-1880  1879