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Most of the requests below are now available to complete in MyGlobal. Please sign into MyGlobal using your UMSL SSO ID and navigate to TAB 3 - Requests & Documents Center to initiate appropriate Request.

Forms for all the remaining requests listed below are now collected electronically:

Please download Adobe Acrobat Reader DC (free version) and complete form by using the pen function in the toolbar. The “IAb” button will allow you to type in the space provided and the “Sign Yourself” button will allow you to provide the necessary electronic signatures. The X and ✓ will allow you to mark appropriate boxes. Please download the form to your desktop and “open with” Adobe Acrobat Reader DC. Opening in a web browser extension does not allow for the functionality to complete the form electronically.

Change academic level and/or begin a new degree program This form is for students who complete one program at UMSL and wish to start another program here. This form is not needed for changes of major; these are processed automatically. (This Request is available in MyGlobal)

Extension of Academic Program  This form is used when you need to stay beyond the Program End date listed on your I-20/DS-2019. (This Request is available in MyGlobal)

Invitation Letter
This is a sample letter that can be used when relatives wish to obtain a tourist visa to visit you in the U.S.

Letter of status (for a Missouri driver's license or a state ID).
Detailed instructions about applying for a driver's license. (This Request is available in MyGlobal)

Reduced Course Load Authorization (underenrollment)
You cannot drop any classes until you have received written approval from our office. You must wait until you receive an approval letter. If you have any questions, stop by the ISSS office to talk with an advisor. (This Request is available in MyGlobal)

Social Security letter request (This Request is available in MyGlobal)

Transfer In - from another school - this form includes information and instructions for students who are planning on transferring their SEVIS record to UMSL (download this form and after you complete it, share it with your current institution and request your SEVIS record to be transferred to UMSL. Note: UMSL does NOT accept records in terminated or canceled status.

Transfer Out - to another school (SEVIS Release Request Form for students who completed at least one semester at UMSL) (This Request is available in MyGlobal)

Transfer Out - SEVIS record in Initial Status - This form is for students who entered the United States on an I-20 issued by the University of Missouri-St. Louis (UMSL) and want to study at a different institution immediately upon arrival to the USA without attending UMSL. (This Request is available in  MyGlobal) Contact UMSL Global for access to MyGlobal.

Travel Signature Request (Complete this request if you are planing to travel outside of the US) (This Request is available in MyGlobal)