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On-Campus Employment

As an F-1 and J-1 international student, you are allowed to work on-campus while studying at UMSL.

To find an on-campus job, use Handshake hosted by UMSL Career Services.


Per US Code of Federal Regulations, F-1/J-1 Students may only work up to 20 clock hour during the academic year.  During scheduled breaks (summer, spring break, winter break) the student may legally work up to 40 clock hours.  However, the UM System mandates that students in any position may only work up to 28 clock hours at any time without special permission from the university system.  F-1/J-1 Students must remain at 20 clock hours during the academic year but may extend to 28 or 40 pending the permission of the given on-campus position during scheduled breaks. maximum of 28 hours per week.

The UMSL Breaks are listed in Academic Calendar.