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List of Credit Evaluators

Each academic department at UMSL has an approved evaluator with whom you will need to work to obtain pre-approval for your courses abroad. Depending on your course selection, you may need to contact evaluators from multiple departments.

Subject Last Name, First Name
Accounting Stuerke, Pamela
Anthropology Wright, Patti
Arabic Al-Albani, Laura
Art History Quigley, Maureen
Art (Studio) Younger, Dan
Biology, Biochem/Biotech Spingola, Marc
Business Administration See business advisors
Chemistry Stine, Keith
Communication Hall, Alice
Computer Science Janikow, Cezary
Criminology & Criminal Justice Maher, Tim
Education (all) Woodhouse, Shawn
Economics Allison, Michael
Engineering (all) Iftner, Brad
English Grady, Francis
Finance Zhang, Gaiyan
French Trapani, Sandy
Gender Studies Nigro, Kathleen
German Jenkins, Carol
History Westhoff, Laura
Honors Gerth, Dan
Information Systems Mirchandani, Dinesh
International Business Rottman, Joe
International Relations Manion, Anita
Japanese Michael, Amy
Management Arya, Bindu
Marketing & Business Communication Mano, Haim
Mathematics Dotzel, Ronald
Media Studies Hall, Alice
Military/Veteran Studies Craig, James
Modern Languages & Literature Trapani, Sandy
Museum Studies Gillette, Maris
Music (all) Harbach, Barbara
Nursing See nursing advisors
Philosophy Rohloff, Waldemar
Physical Education Makubuya, Timothy
Physics & Astronomy Bahar, Sonya
Political Science Manion, Anita
Psychology Steffen, Ann, and cc Griffin, Michael
Public Policy & Administration Manion, Anita
Social Work Johnson, Sharon
Sociology Craig, James
Spanish Caeiro, Martha
Supply Chain Management Campbell, James
Theatre & Cinema Arts Davenport, Felia