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UMSL Charter Schools

The University of Missouri – St. Louis sponsors seven charter public Local Educational Agencies (LEAs) consisting of three elementary schools, one middle school and four K-8 schools serving roughly 2800 students residing in St. Louis, Missouri.

A charter school is an independent public school that operates under a contract, (referred to as the "charter") with its sponsor, usually a public entity such as a state university. For more information on charter schools visit the Missouri Charter Public School Association. Please also visit the National Association of Charter School Authorizers for more information on charter school authorizers and sponsors.

To get more information about UMSL sponsored charter schools or if you wish to open a charter school, consult the Charter School Handbook or the UMSL Charter School Application Process. Any additional questions please contact Dr. Susan Marino, Executive Director of the UMSL Charter School Office at Susan.Marino@umsystem.edu.

Charter Schools