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School Counseling Post-Master's Graduate Certificate



A 15 credit hour campus-based evening program designed for individuals who want to become professional school counselors and have already earned Master's degrees from an accredited university in other counseling specialties like clinical mental health counseling, couples and family counseling, and others.

This graduate certificate is designed for students who want to become professional school counselors and have already earned a Master’s degree in another counseling specialty. The goals of the Post-Graduate Certificate in School Counseling are: (a) to provide an academic program to help counselors increase their competency to design, implement, and assess comprehensive school counseling programs in K-12 settings and (b) to provide an academic pathway for counselors to pursue state school counseling certification.

Requirements for admission to the Post-Graduate School Counseling Certificate program include:

  1. Cumulative GPA (undergraduate and graduate) of 2.75 or better on 4.0 scale and graduate GPA of 3.0 or better;
  2. Successful completion of a master’s degree in Counseling (e.g., Clinical Mental Health Counseling; Community Counseling; Marriage, Couple, and Family Counseling; Career Counseling) from an accredited university with a minimum of 48 semester credit hours completed;
  3. Two letters of recommendation with at least one from a current or former college-level instructor or counseling supervisor who has observed their clinical work;
  4. Supplemental application with coursework review;
  5. Two-page personal statement explaining the applicant's personal and professional goals.
  6. Video role play of counseling skills with mock-client.

Plan of Study

Non-Missouri Residents: Prospective students are responsible for reviewing the NC-SARA state authorizations page to see if this program is offered in their state throughout their program and to review the licensure or certification requirements for the state in which they reside. 

Deadlines to Apply:

Fall: July 1
Spring: December 1
Summer: May 1

Ask an advisor:

Emily Brown
(314) 516-5792

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