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Learn state-of-the-art instructional practices that excite children and enable their acquiring skills and relationship building that help them realize their talents and potentialities in preparation for the global stage.


Special Education Courses

Term Course Hours
Fall I TCH ED 5310 A: Instructional Design 2
TCH ED 6010 A/B: Examining History, Community, & Social Justice in Education 2
TCH ED 6030 A: Instruction, Learning, & Assessment 1
ED TECH 6135: Tech for Preparing Inquiry-Based Teaching 1
Spring I SPC ED 6346: Reading Instruction & Intervention in Special Education 3
SPC ED 6412 A/B: Psychology of Exceptional Children 2
Summer I SPC ED 6415: The Law and Special Education 3
SPC ED 6342: Transition Education for Adult Life 3
SPC ED 6325: Positive Behavior Intervention for Individual, Classrooms, and School-Wide Systems 3
Fall II SPC ED 6315 A/B: Understanding Speech & Language Interventions the Assist Children with Special Needs 2
SPC ED 5989: Practicum/Internship 2
ELE ED 6246: Math Content Pedagogy: Instruction & Assessment 3
Spring II ELE ED 6342 A/B: Addressing Mathematical Needs of Students 2
ELE ED 6338: Literacy Assessment for Guided Instruction 3
ELE ED 6253 A/B: Teaching Social Studies Through Reading, Writing & English Language Learning 2
Summer II ELE ED 6337: Teaching & Learning Literacy in the Elementary Classroom: Teaching Reading & Writing 4
ED PSY 6220: Development of School-Aged Students 2
TCH ED 6241: Science Content Inquiry-Based Instruction & Assessment: STEM Integrated Pedagogy 2
Spring III (Master's Only) TCH ED 6909: Teacher Action Research 3*
TCH ED 6030 B/C: Instruction, Learning, & Assessment 2*
Summer III (Master's Only) TCH ED 6910: Teacher Action Research Capstone 3*
TCH ED 6010 C: Examining History, Community, & Social Justice in Education 1*
Certification Only:
Certification and Master's Degree:
51 *

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