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If you are a high energy person with a loving heart, middle school may be your calling. Middle school students are curious, unpredictable, and sometimes challenging.


Middle Level Education Courses

Term Course Hours
Fall I TCH ED 5310 A: Instructional Design 2
TCH ED 6010 A/B: Examining History, Community, & Social Justice in Education 2
TCH ED 6030 A: Instruction, Learning, & Assessment 1
ED TECH 6135: Tech for Preparing Inquiry-Based Teaching 1
Spring I MID ED 4xxx: Instructional Methods in Certification Content Area 3
SPC ED 6412 A/B: Psychology of Exceptional Children 2
TCH ED 6030 B/C: Instruction, Learning, & Assessment (Master's Only) 2*
Summer I TCH ED 5312: Teaching Reading in Content Area 3
ED PSY 6220: Development of School-Aged Students 2
SPC ED 6325: Positive Behavior Intervention for Individual, Classrooms, and School-Wide Systems 3
Fall II MID ED 5989: Practicum/Internship I 2
TCH ED 5880: Writing in the Content Area 3
Spring II MID ED 4315: Middle Level School 3
TCH ED 6909: Teacher Action Research (Master's Only) 3*
Summer II TCH ED 6910: Teacher Action Research Capstone (Master's Only) 3*
TCH ED 6010 C: Examining History, Community, & Social Justice in Education (Master's Only) 1*
Certification Only:
Certification and Master's Degree:
36 *

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