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UMSL COE Podcast

On each episode of the University of Missouri-St. Louis College of Education Podcast, we will meet an innovator in the field of education. We will spend some time getting to know them and learning about their work and how it can help you in yours. It is our hope that you come away encouraged, challenged, and refreshed. 

The COE podcast can be found using the following formats, or for individual episodes by clicking the episode links below:

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Episode 1: Dr. Ann Taylor, Dean of the UMSL COE

Episode 2:  UMSL eduCATE student organization leadership team

Episode 3:  ACP/Degree in 3 with Dr. Julie Smith-Sodey and Monica Phelps-Pineda

Episode 4:  Sport Management, Dr. Karen Boleska

Episode 5:  Dr. Jill Klahn-Smith, Wentzville School District

Episode 6:  Social Justice, Dr. Thomasina Hassler

Episode 7:  Dr. Lindsay Athamanah, UMSL Succeed and Special Education

Episode 8:  Dr. Amber Candela, Elementary Math Specialist Certification

Episode 9:  Dr. Emily Brown, MED School Counseling

Episode 10:  Dr. Chanua Ross, UMSL COE Teach Residency

Episode 11:  Dr. Kristin Sobolik, Chancellor, University of Missouri-St. Louis

Episode 12:  Princess David and Dr. Ellen Duncan, UMSL COE Teach in 12 Alt Cert Program

Episode 13:  Dr. Ellen Duncan, Bachelor of Educational Studies

Episode 14:  Graduate Certificate Personal Finance Literacy Education, Dr. Mary Suiter

Episode 15:  Dr. Jerome E Morris, E. Desmond Lee Endowed Professor of Urban Education

Episode 16:  Dr. Tom Hoerr, Scholar in Residence, UMSL College of Education

Episode 17:  Darrion Cockrell, UMSL grad, PE Teacher and MO 2021 Teacher of the Year

Episode 18:  Dr. Shawn Woodhouse and Alexandra Gresick, MED and EdD programs

Episode 19:  Students of the UMSL COE Future Teacher Leadership Academy

Episode 20:  Britne Bacca-Haupt, UMSL Student Enrichment and Achievement

Episode 21:  Dr. Katie O'Daniels, UMSL COE Professor and Gateway Writing Poject Director

Episode 22:  Dr. Channon Peoples, Director - Office of Pre-Collegiate Student Services

Episode 23: Jonathan Lidgus, Director - UMSL Succeed

Episode 24: Meredith Alton and Megan Tosh, UMSL COE Education Leadership

Episode 25: Dr. Phillip Waalkes, Rachel Gaglio and Gon Ratanashevorn, UMSL COE Counseling PhD

Episode 26:  Dr. Nasser Arshadi, College of Business Administration, MS Fintech

Episode 27:  Dr. Perry Drake, College of Business Administration, Midwest Digital Marketing Conference

Episode 28: Bovey Zhang, UMSL's First Esports Head Coach

Episode 29: Dr. Colette Dixon, Associate Provost for Student Success at UMSL

Episode 30: Sierra Phipps, Manager of Student Support Services, UMSL College of Business Administration