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Mission Statement

To teach individuals about the biological, cultural, linguistic, and historical diversity of humanity, to plead for the dignity of cultural and physical differences, and to insist on an interdisciplinary approach to understanding humanity.

The goal of the Anthropology Department is to gain new knowledge and to teach about the human condition in all times and places.  In these times, we feel a keen obligation to teach that the greatest differences between people are cultural, not biological.  We understand St. Louis as a microcosm of the world.  If we are to meet the challenges of the "global village," we must strengthen the cultural diversity that is the basis of our democratic society and, at the same time, work toward mutual understanding of our legitimate differences.  Our objectives are simultaneously local and international: we want to bring the world to St. Louis and St. Louis to the world.

The whole community is our student body; the whole world is our textbook.