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Students and Faculty in the History Department are curious and creative. We ask big questions about the past to understand the present and build our future.  Passionate about our research and committed to scholarship in the public interest, we partner with museums, archives, schools, and community organizations to share and develop new knowledge and to provide hands on internship opportunities for students.

Majors enjoy small, advanced level classes, ensuring they receive individual attention from faculty committed to their intellectual and professional development. The department offers courses in African, African American, European, Latin American, Japanese, World, and United States history from ancient to modern times. At the bachelor's level, the department offers a varying array of degrees in history and museum studies, and, in cooperation with the College of Education, the B.S. Ed. in Secondary Education with Emphasis in History and Social Studies. Students can complete the History major and minor online.

The department also offers interdisciplinary certificates and minors in Anthropology, African and African American Diaspora Studies, East Asian Studies, American Studies, Latina/Latino Studies, and Global Health and Social Medicine.

At the graduate level, the department offers an M.A. in History and an M.A. with emphasis in Museums, Heritage, and Public History. The department also offers a graduate certificate in History Education and a graduate certificate in Museums, Heritage and Public History.  These certificates can be taken by itself or in conjunction with the M.A. in History or M.Ed. in Secondary Education.

Faculty members bring our diverse backgrounds, experiences, and expertise in a wide range of scholarly fields to our teaching and research.  Majors and minors build their skills in writing, research, communication, and analysis.  Our students go on to thrive in a wide range of careers: education, business, museums and public history, libraries, law, management.

Please contact Department Chair, Dr. Laura Westhoff, for more information about the History Department.