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Computer Science Faculty


Azim Ahmadzadeh
Assistant Professor

Phone Icon (314) 516-6337
Office Icon 329 ESH
email icon ahmadzadeh@umsl.edu
Badri Adhikari, Assistant Professor, Phone 314-516-7393, Office 312 ESH, Email adhikarib@umsl.edu

Badri Adhikari
Assistant Professor

Phone Icon (314) 516-7393
Office Icon 312 ESH
email icon adhikarib@umsl.edu
Reda Amer

Reda Amer
Director of UMSL


Phone Icon (314) 516-4838
Office Icon 421 Woods Hall
email icon reda.amer@umsl.edu                 
Sanjiv K. Bhatia, Professor and CS Graduate Director, Phone 314-516-6520, Office 317 ESH, Email sanjiv@umsl.edu

Sanjiv K. Bhatia

Phone Icon (314) 516-6520
Office Icon 317 ESH
email icon sanjiv@umsl.edu
Uday K. Chakraborty, Professor, Phone 314-516-6339, Office 328 ESH, Email chakrabortyu@umsl.edu

Uday K. Chakraborty

Phone Icon (314) 516-6339
Office Icon 328 ESH
email icon chakrabortyu@umsl.edu
Sharlee Climer, Assistant Professor, Phone 314-516-4985, Office 317 ESH, Email climer@umsl.edu

Sharlee Climer
Associate Professor

Phone Icon (314) 516-4985
Office Icon 319 ESH
email icon climers@umsl.edu
Lav Gupta, Assistant Professor, Phone (314) 516-5760, Office 351 ESH, Email lavgupta@missouri.edu

Lav Gupta
Assistant Professor

Phone Icon (314) 516-5760
Office Icon 351 ESH
email icon lavgupta@missouri.edu 
Mark Hauschild, Assistant Teaching Professor, Phone 314-516-6426, Office, 327 ESH, Email hauschildm@umsl.edu

Mark Hauschild
Associate Teaching

Phone Icon (314) 516-6426
Office Icon 327 ESH
email icon hauschildm@umsl.edu  
Cezary Z. Janikow, Assistant Professor and Chair,  Phone 314-516-6352, Office 308 ESH, Email janikowc@umsl.edu

Cezary Z. Janikow
Associate Professor and

Phone Icon (314) 516-6352
Office Icon 308 ESH
email icon janikowc@umsl.edu       
Wenjie He, Assistant Professor and Co-Chair,  Phone (314) 516-6521, Office 309 ESH, Email hew@umsl.edu

Wenjie He
Associate Professor

Phone Icon (314) 516-6521
Office Icon 309 ESH
email icon hew@umsl.edu                
Henry Kang, Assistant Professor,  Phone 314-516-5841, Office 318 ESH, Email kangh@umsl.edu

Henry Kang
Associate Professor

Phone Icon (314) 516-5841
Office Icon 318 ESH
email icon kangh@umsl.edu           
Nazire Koc, Assistant Teaching Professor, Phone314-516-6356, Office ESH 348, Email kocn@umsl.edu

Nazire Koc
Associate Teaching

Phone Icon (314) 516-6356
Office Icon 325 ESH
email icon kocn@umsl.edu             
Sambriddhi Mainali

Sambriddhi Mainali
Assistant Teaching Professor

Phone Icon (314) 516-5239
Office Icon 313 ESH
email icon smbtk@umsl.edu
Keith W. Miller, Orthwein Endowed Professor for Lifelong Learning in the Science,  Phone 314-516-4828, Office 101 Marillac Hall, Email millerkei@umsl.edu

Keith W. Miller
Orthwein Endowed
Professor for
Lifelong Learning
in the Sciences

Phone Icon (314) 516-4828
Office Icon 101 Marillac Hall
email icon millerkei@umsl.edu      
Abderrahmen Mtibaa, Assistant Professor Phone 314-516-5086, Office 330 ESH, Email amtibaa@umsl.edu

Abderrahmen Mtibaa
Assistant Professor

Phone Icon (314) 516-5086
Office Icon 320 ESH
email icon amtibaa@umsl.edu       
Bal Krishna Nyaupane

Bal Krishna Nyaupane
Visiting Assistant
Teaching Professor

Phone Icon (314) 516-5582
Office Icon 324 ESH
email icon bnnfm@umsl.edu
Laika Satish

Laika Satish
Assistant Teaching

Phone Icon (314) 516-6348
Office Icon 330 ESH
email icon Lsfgy@umsl.edu