The Information Systems and Technology department strongly believes in helping students learn by doing. In addition to the Advanced Information Systems Lab and the Cybersecurity Lab, the following resources are used in courses and/or are available to students for developing hands-on, applied skills in various domains.



AWS Academy

Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides an array of resources for students. IST students have access to learning resources and free $100 AWS credits through AWS Academy for each semester of course work. They also have the ability to complete cloud computing learning pathways and earn badges along the way, and showcase their skills and achievements to prospective employers. Students are also eligible to receive vouchers toward AWS practice and certification exams.

How to get access: When you take courses that use AWS, your instructors will provide you credentials and can also help you obtain certification vouchers. If you want to obtain certification vouchers outside of a course, please contact Dr. Khan (



IBM Logo


IBM Academic Initiative

Students can obtain free access to learning resources, IBM Cloud Lite, software, and courseware. Visit their website. Registration using UMSL email is required.



GitHub Educate Logo

GitHub Education

GitHub Pro while you're a student and Student Developer Pack

A great collection of tools and resources are included. Create a GitHub account (free) if you don't have one yet.

Note: Instructors in certain courses will provide you with more access and further instructions.



Microsoft Logo


Free access to a variety of Microsoft Software and Azure Dev Tools for Teaching including development tools, servers, machine learning/AI tools, security tools, database tools, etc. This access also includes many learning resources through PluralSight and WintellectNow.

Students can also explore Microsoft Learn resources and learning pathways, earning badges along the way.

Visit their website.

(Click sign-in and use the same credentials you use to login to your UMSL email).



Nice Challenge Project Logo


NICE Challenge

Learn more about the NICE Challenge Project. It is a great resource to develop hands on skills that map to the NICE Cybersecurity Workforce Framework.

To obtain access email Dr. Shaji Khan.

Note: Instructors for certain cybersecurity courses will provide you with course specific access instructions.



OpenStack Logo

OpenStack Private Cloud

The IST department is proud to offer a fully self-service private cloud environment for IST and Cybersecurity students to create their own lab environments at will. This lab was created with funding from a U.S. Department of Defense grant (# H98230-17-1-0352).

The environment allows students to create lab environments of their own and conduct cybersecurity related labs that are typically not possible in public cloud environments.

Visit their website.

(Note: you must first VPN into UMSL and use your instructor provided login information).

For general access, contact Dr. Shaji Khan (



UiPath Logo


UMSL is an UiPath Academic Alliance Member. IST students have access to UiPath Studio Academic Alliance Edition and learning resources to learn and implement automation solutions.

How to get access: Your instructors will provide you with access and further instructions when UiPath is used in a course. Outside of specific courses, instructors can request an educator kit and students can request a download of UiPath Studio (academic alliance edition).