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In Fall 2017, UMSL Business moved into Anheuser-Busch Hall, UMSL's first-ever dedicated business building. Located in the center of North Campus, the 51,000-square-foot building houses seminar rooms, group learning environments, a trading room, faculty offices and student advising centers all geared to providing our students with optimal learning spaces.

By bringing our departments and classrooms under one roof, we're facilitating an academic network of ideas to cultivate smart, prepared, strong business leaders.

State-of-the-Art Facilities

Anheuser-Busch Hall was envisioned from the ground up to recognize the integration of business and technology, embrace the symbiosis of academic and experiential learning, and further strengthen the College’s capacity to serve the community.

For over 50 years UMSL Business has educated the business professionals of St. Louis and the region. UMSL graduates make up more of the St. Louis workforce than those of any other university, and we are the only university in the nation with a Fortune 25 corporation headquartered on its campus and two graduates who serve as CEOs of Fortune 25 corporations. 

UMSL Business has grown to 2,300 undergraduate students and 500 graduate students, and awards approximately 900 degrees annually. As our enrollment continues to grow, so does the strength of our curriculum. Our International Business Institute has ranked in the top 25 nationally for 15 years, and our Accounting program graduates more accountants than any other program in the state. Additionally, our faculty consistently generates highly acclaimed research. 

We remain dedicated to educating the business leaders of tomorrow while creating critical knowledge for industry and society. Through creative learning environments that connect the classroom to enterprise, and exposure to world-class faculty who engage and inspire, our students have access to exceptional opportunities that prepare them to lead effectively in today’s ever-changing society. 

the side of ABH with a Business sign