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The E. Desmond Lee Regional Institute of Tutorial Education was founded in 1997-98 to reach students who need assistance academically and socially outside of school to achieve their full potential. RITE is a collaborative of six St. Louis area universities and of the finest youth service organizations and schools in St. Louis. The Institute works to strengthen tutoring services available to youth in the St. Louis area. Tutors and mentors who work with under-served youth can access RITE tutoring materials, training, technical and mentoring support, educational units and staff.

RITE was developed under the vision of E. Desmond Lee. His vision was ‘for a community to work together to meet its own challenges.’

“Underserved children will be supported in resources, volunteer training, program and materials assessment and curriculum needs through the collaboration of institute universities and agencies.”

RITE Program Director
Judith A. Cochran, Ph.D., was appointed as E. Desmond Lee Endowed Professor of Tutorial Education to direct the RITE Collaborative. Dr. Cochran is a tenured Professor of Education at the University of Missouri-St. Louis. She holds a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Colorado, a Master’s from the University of California at Los Angeles, and a Ph.D. from Arizona State University. She was awarded two international Fulbright Senior Lectureships in Education and Teaching English as a Second Language, published five books and more than 30 articles on urban children, reading, and education.