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Gender Studies

Gender Studies provides academic programs leading to an undergraduate or graduate certificate in Gender Studies, a Bachelor’s degree in Interdisciplinary Studies, or a Leadership certificate. Course work is interdisciplinary, developed in cooperation with departments from across the curriculum. Students seeking a certificate or a bachelor’s degree have the opportunity through course work, seminars, research experiences, internships, mentoring, and service-learning to develop the knowledge and skills necessary to enter the workplace or continue with graduate education.

In Gender Studies, students and faculty draw on the rich body of interdisciplinary feminist scholarship to investigate emerging theories and research on women, men, and gender fluidity as they intersect with race, class, culture, sex, policy, institutions, and human interactions.

Gender Studies is dedicated to the promotion of the exchange of knowledge among people of different genders, classes, tonicities, sexual orientations, and cultural conditions. Taught by committed and dynamic faculty, Gender Studies courses uphold strong reputations for student-centered, lively, and supportive classroom experiences. Day, evening, and online courses are offered. Gender Studies courses are open to all students, whether or not they are enrolled in one of our academic programs.