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2017 Missouri Elected Officials

Last updated: 11/11/2016

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The Sue Shear Institute for Women in Public Life

Federal and Statewide
Claire McCaskill St. Louis US Senate D
Ann Wagner Ballwin US Rep District 2 R
Vicky Hartzler Harrisonville US Rep District 4 R
Nicole Galloway, CPA* Columbia State Auditor D

Currently: 1/2 U.S. Senators = 50% D=1
2/8 U. S. Representatives = 25% R=2

1/6 Statewide offices = 16.6%
2015 National average of women in statewide offices =

State Senate
Jamilah Nasheed St. Louis MO Sen-5 D
Shalonn "Kiki" Curls Kansas City MO Sen-9 D
Gina Walsh St. Louis MO Sen-13 D
Currently:3/34 State Senators: 17.6% D=3, R=0
2015 National average of women in the State Senate: 22.1%
State Representative
Lauren Arthur North Kansas City MO Rep-18 D
Ingrid Burnett Kansas City MO Rep-19 D
Judy Morgan Kansas City MO Rep-24 D
Gail McCann Beatty Kansas City MO Rep-26 D
Jeanie Lauer Blue Springs MO Rep-32 R
Donna Pfautsch Harrisonville MO Rep-33 R
Rebecca Roeber Lees Summit MO Rep -34 R
Cheri Toalson Reisch Columbia MO Rep-44 R
Martha Stevens Columbia MO Rep-46 D
Wanda Brown Taylor MO Rep-57 R
Gretchen Bangert Florissant MO Rep-69 D
Susan Meredith St. Louis MO Rep-71 D
Mary Nichols Maryland Heights MO Rep-72 D
Cora Faith Walker St. Louis MO Rep-74 D
Donna M.C. Baringer St. Louis MO Rep-82 D
Gina Mitten St. Louis MO Rep-83 D
Karla May St. Louis MO Rep-84 D
Stacey Newman St. Louis MO Rep-87 D
Tracy McCreery St. Louis MO Rep-88 D
Deb Lavender St. Louis MO Rep-90 D
Sarah Unsicker St. Louis MO Rep-91 D
Cloria Brown St. Louis MO Rep-94 R
Marsha Haefner St. Louis MO Rep-95 R
Jean Evans Manchester MO Rep-99 R
Kathie Conway St. Charles MO Rep-104 R
Chrissy Sommer St. Charles MO Rep-106 R
Becky Ruth Festus MO Rep-114 R
Elaine Freeman Gannon De Soto MO Rep-115 R
Diane Franklin Camdenton MO Rep-123 R
Patricia Pike Adrian MO Rep-126 R
Sandy Crawford Buffalo MO Rep-129 R
Sonya Anderson Springfield MO Rep-131 R
Crystal Quade Springfield MO Rep-132 D
Hannah Kelly Mountain Grove MO Rep-141 R
Donna Lichtenegger Jackson MO Rep-146 R
Kathy Swan Cape Girardeau MO Rep-147 R
Holly Rehder Sikeston MO Rep-148 R
Tila Hubrecht Dexter MO Rep-151 R

Currently: 38/163 State Representatives: 23.3% D=17/ R=21
2015 National average of women in the House: 25.0%

Current total of women in the General Assembly, 49/197 = 24.87%
2015 National average of women in the General Assembly = 24.5%

*Missouri State Auditor Nicole Galloway was appointed in April 2015.