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Faculty Affiliates 2007

The Sue Shear Institute relies on women leaders to serve as volunteer faculty for our programs. Over the last decade, hundreds of women have reached back to share their wisdom and support up and coming women leaders. We couldn't do what we do without their generous support. Thank you! 2007 Faculty Affiliates:

Judy Baker, MO State Rep. Dist. 25

Kay Barnes, Mayor of Kansas City

Alexa Barton, Clay County Administrator

Ruth Bates, Kansas City Mayor's Office

Mikki Brewster, MO Foundation for Health

Charles Bryson, Public Safety Director, City of St. Louis

Joan Burger, Circuit Judge

Charles Burson, Former chief of staff for Al Gore

Rashda "Sonny" Buttar, Clayton School Board

Suzette Carlisle, Associate Administrative Law Judge

Jean Carnahan, former U.S. Senator

Robin Carnahan, MO Secretary of State

Maria Chappelle-Nadal, MO State Rep., Dist. 72

S. Wray Clay, Vice President, Community Investment, United Way of Greater St. Louis

Darin Cline, Intergovernmental Relations Director, St. Louis County

Patricia L. Cohen, Circuit Judge

Milly Cohn, Former Member, Appellate Judicial Commission

Kathianne Knaup Crane, Appellate Judge

Vanessa N. Crawford, Legislative assistant to MO Rep. Rebecca McClanahan

Jane Darst, Assistant Circuit Attorney

Rita Days, MO State Senator, Dist. 14

Margaret T. Donnelly, MO State Rep. Dist. 73

Jane Drummond, Director, MO Dept. of Health and Senior Services

Kathleen DuBois, Managing Attorney, Family Court Project

Monica Durrwachter, Legal and Legislative Affairs, Enterprise Rent-A-Car

Joan Esserman, Webster Groves City Council

Kathlyn Fares, MO State Rep. Dist. 91

Antoinette Filla, St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department

Audrey Fleissig, U.S. Magistrate Judge

Genevieve Frank, Administrative Director, St. Louis County Council

Barbara Fraser, St. Louis County Council member, 5th District

Theresa Garza , Jackson County Legislator

Susan K. Glassman, Senior Vice President, Urban Strategies

Beth Griffin, Citizen's for Missouri's Children

Jean C. Hamilton, U.S. District Judge

Catherine L. Hanaway, U.S. Attorney

Mary K. Hoff, Appellate Judge

Monica Huddleston, former Mayor, Greendale

Mary James, Former UM System Curator

Anna L. Jinkerson, Field Rep. for U.S. Rep Russ Carnahan

Maria Curtis Kerford, UM-System Student Curator

Betty Knight , Platte County Presiding Commissioner

C.J. Larkin, Washington University School of Law

Amy Lewis, Career Advisor, UM-Rolla

Jacqueline A. Lukitsch, Executive Director, NAMI

Mindy Mazur, Chief of Staff, MO Secretary of State

Claire McCaskill, U.S. Senator

Angel McCormick Franks, Director of the Office of Supplier and Workforce Diversity for the State of Missouri

Emmy L. McClelland, Government Relations, St. Louis Children's Hospital

Alberta J. Meyer

Nancy Mogab, Appellate Judicial Commision

Sandra Moore, President, Urban Strategies

Mary Nelson, Attorney

Mary Hoemann Newell, Judge Mary Rhodes Russell's Law Clerk

Jennifer Olmstead, Communications Director, MO Coalition for Historic Preservation

Jeanette Mott Oxford, MO State Rep. Dist. 59

Megan Phillips, Attorney

Angela Turner Quigless, Circuit Judge

Patricia Redington, St. Louis County Counselor

Leslie Reed, Vice President for Health Policy, MO Foundation for Health

Lynn Ricci, Attorney, University City Councilmember

Jessica Robinson, Press Secretary, Gov. Matt Blunt

Vicki Schneider, MO State Rep. Dist. 17

Mary R. Russell, MO Supreme Court Judge

Kimberly J. Shields, Attorney

Katie Smith, Director, MO Dept. of Agriculture

Sarah Steelman, MO State Treasurer

Rachel Storch, MO State Rep. Dist. 64

Sue Stepleton, President & CEO, Parents As Teachers National Center

Sherri Sullivan, Appellate Judge

Kathryn Swan, Coordinating Board for Higher Education

Vetta L. Sanders Thompson, Associate Professor, St. Louis University

Kathleen Tofall, St. Louis Circuit Attorney's office

Kacie Starr Triplett, City of St. Louis Alderwoman

Kayla Vaughan, Attorney, retired

Patricia Vincent, Chief of Staff, Missouri Governor Matt Blunt

Bev Wagner, Former Clayton Alderwoman

Gerry Welch, Mayor, Webster Groves

Hope Whitehead, Attorney

Vicky Riback Wilson, former State Rep., UMC Faculty

Yvonne Wilson , MO State Senator, Dist. 9

Virginia Young, Reporter, St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Hillary B. Zimmerman, Sr. VP and General Counsel, McCormack Baron & Associates, Inc.

2006 Faculty Affiliates