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Fellows Legacy Circle


Are you a proud 21st Century Leadership Academy Alumna?

Join the Fellows Legacy Circle.

For almost 20 years, the Institute has worked to make the Academy available at no cost to Fellows, so that participation is conditioned on merit and not means.  Sponsoring universities pay a fraction (less than half) of the $525 per student cost for the week; The Institute fundraises to cover the shortfall, turning to friends and supporters who believe in the power of future women leaders to make the world a better place.  By becoming a member of the Circle, you will enjoy the satisfaction of knowing that your gift is helping to make the Leadership Academy possible for another woman leader. 

Can you contribute $300 to cover the cost of room and board for one Fellow all week?  Your $125 gift will provide lodging at Oak Hall and priceless late night chats with new friends (and even the Faculty in Residence, in her PJs).   

A donation of $60 will provide lunch for a Fellow all week, including the once-in-a-lifetime lunch at the Governor’s Mansion.

Fellows who contribute more than $100 or more annually to the Sue Shear Institute are recognized as members of the Fellows Legacy Circle Cabinet.


Meet 2015 Fellows Legacy Circle Cabinet Members:

2015:       Co-Chairs:  Liana Boone (Truman State University, '02) and Kelly Newsome (University of Missouri - Kansas City, '04), 2010 Amethyst Award

Karissa Anderson (Southeast Missouri State University, ‘12)

Liana Boone (Truman State University, ‘02)

Suzanne S. Broadfield (University of Missouri – Columbia, ‘98)

Chynna Byrd (Truman State University, ’13)

Marcia Chatelain, Ph.D. (University of Missouri – Columbia, ‘99)

Jennifer Drake Fantroy (Truman State University, ‘05)

Rachel Harris (Southeast Missouri State University, ‘08)

Elaniea Jinks (Missouri University of Science and Technology, ‘14)

Emily Kelchen (Truman State University, ‘06)

Michelle Landers-Ochsner (Truman State University, ‘08)

Natalie Lorenz (Southeast Missouri State University, ‘08)

Kelly Newsome (University of Missouri – Kansas City, ‘04)

Lauren Palmer (University of Missouri – Columbia, ‘99)

Lauren Ryan (University of Missouri – Columbia, ‘07)

Sarah Welch (Missouri University of Science and Technology, ‘00)

Dr. Allison Zupon, M.D. (University of Missouri – Columbia, ‘04)


How do I join the Fellows Legacy Circle? Joining is simple, just click here.

If you have any questions about the Fellows Legacy Circle, please contact Michelle Landers-Ochsner at (314) 516-4727 or


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