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Extra Compensation for Regular and Non-Regular Faculty

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During the academic year individuals may earn extra compensation from the university not to exceed 20% of their nine month salary. (Faculty on 12 month salaries may earn a maximum of 20% of their 12 month salary during a fiscal year.) The Collected Rules and Regulations state that the purpose of extra compensation is for unanticipated activities which do not lend themselves to becoming part of the regular load and that normal obligations include a full-time commitment... to teaching, research, extension, and service. (360.010.)

Therefore, activities that faculty or staff engage in on a regular basis (e.g., teaching a continuing education or extension course, or seminar, every semester or year) should not merit extra compensation, but rather should be made part of that faculty members normal load. Extra compensation should be reserved for exceptional and largely unforeseeable tasks individuals are asked to assume over and above their normal load. At present, continuing education and extension activities rely heavily on extra compensation paid to faculty members. Academic Affairs will work with Continuing Education to reduce this reliance over the next several years, incorporating regular activities into faculty members loads.

Deans are expected to regularly review the activities for which their faculty are receiving extra compensation to make sure the 20% cap is not being exceeded, and to identify those activities that have become normal and recurring, and move those activities to part of normal load.

Requests to pay faculty extra compensation for teaching (day or evening, on or off campus) must be received and approved by the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs at least one week before the start of the semester in which the course is to be taught. In submitting such requests, deans are certifying that the faculty member in question already has an appropriate work load, including an appropriate teaching load. Academic Affairs will work with all parties involved in the tenure and promotion process to be sure faculty are given appropriate credit for all activities undertaken as part of normal load, including participation in extension and continuing education activities. No extra compensation while on full leave of absence.

Faculty who are on a full leave of absence (as indicated by a completed UM Form 108), be it a research, development, sabbatical, or other leave, may not be hired to perform services to the university during such leaves.

Extra compensation for faculty receiving one or more course reduction Faculty who receive a course reduction for performing other assigned activities, or who buy out their responsibility to teach one or more courses through internal or external funds, may receive extra compensation during the period of reduced teaching obligations only with the written approval of the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs.