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Curators' Professor and Curators' Teaching Professor Nomination Procedures

The UM System Board of Curators created a class of Curators Professorships to denote and support truly outstanding scholars and Curators Teaching Professorships to recognize and support extraordinary classroom performance. The following are procedures to nominate faculty for this designation from the University of Missouri-St. Louis.

  1. Deans submit nominations for Curators Professorships and Curators Teaching Professorships on behalf of their respective colleges to the Office of the Provost. Normally only one nomination per college for each award will be accepted each year. Individuals receiving a Curators Professorship or a Curators Teaching Professorship receive a salary and expense supplement. Colleges are expected to pay half of the supplement. The Chancellor will pay the remainder. This cost-sharing arrangement is effective for Curators Professors appointed in or after the 2006-07 academic year and for those whose appointments begin after September 1, 2006. Funding for Curators Professors appointed earlier remains the same.

  2. Normally, the Chancellor will nominate no more than one or two for both the Curators Professorship and the Curators Teaching Professorship annually.

  3. Only outstanding scholars and teachers will be considered. Criteria and procedures for nomination by the colleges should be developed in the colleges and should be consistent with those required for the promotion processes, including reviews from external experts in the nominees discipline. Documentation should be submitted with the nomination.

  4. Under the UM System Collected Rules, new Curators Professorships and Curators Teaching Professorships are five-year appointments that may be renewed. Nominations for renewal should demonstrate sufficient continued scholarly creativity and productivity for continuation. These renewal nominations will follow the same procedures as the original nominations. (Curators Professors already appointed prior to January 2005 have indefinite terms and are not subject to the renewal process.)

  5. Nominations from the colleges are due November 1 of each academic year (or if it falls on a weekend, the following Monday). Nominations will be reviewed by the Senate Appointments, Tenure, and Promotion (ATP) Committee. Curators Teaching Professor Nominations will also be reviewed by the Faculty Teaching and Service Awards Committee. The ATP committee will submit Curators Professor recommendations and both committees will submit Curators Teaching Professor recommendations to the Chancellor no later than February 28.

  6. The chancellor will review and consider the committees recommendations and submit the campus nomination(s) to the President in March/April of each year. The President reviews and submits nominations to the Board of Curators.

  7. In addition to the procedures above for nomination and selection, at his discretion, generally upon the recommendation of the appropriate dean, the chancellor may use the appointment of Curators Professorships and Curators Teaching Professorships as incentives to either recruit or retain uniquely qualified faculty for the university.

  8. Nominations should include:
    • Cover page indicating that it is a Curators or Curators Teaching Professor nomination and the name and academic address of the nominee.
    • Table of contents.
    • Detailed letter of nomination from the Dean including a summary of the nominees accomplishments leading to the nomination.
    • Dossier including curriculum vitae and relevant materials supporting the nomination. All dossiers must include evidence of sustained research and/or creative activity over time and nominations for Curators Teaching Professorships must also include evidence of teaching excellence similar to that required for the Chancellors Award for Excellence in Teaching.
    • Letters of support/reference from at least 5 and no more than 15 individuals.

  9. Nominations should be submitted to: Office of the Provost, 426 Woods Hall. Please submit 13 copies for use by the committees plus one original for permanent filing by November 1.

  10. Individuals who have previously been nominated but have not been selected may be nominated again. Beginning in 2009, Curators Professors appointed on or after January 1, 2005, may be nominated for renewal of their five-year appointments. Updated nomination materials are required for each nomination or renewal nomination.