Jayne Stake, Ph.D.


photo of stake
Professor Emerita
Department of Psychology
University of Missouri-St. Louis
213 Stadler Hall
One University Boulevard
St. Louis, MO 63121-4499
Phone: (314)-516-5830
Fax: (314) 516-5392
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Curriculum Vitae

Jayne Stake received her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology at Arizona State University. She is a member of the Institute for Women's and Gender Studies on the UM-St. Louis campus. She is a fellow in the American Psychological Association and the editor of Psychology of Women Quarterly. Her research throughout her career has focused on gender issues and the empowerment of women. Her most recent research programs have investigated the role of women's and gender studies as an intervention for the empowerment of women, the promotion of science career confidence and motivation in adolescent girls, and the mental health implications of traditional and nontraditional gender roles.

Dr. Stake retired from the university in 2007.