Information for Students

Responsibilities of a Research Participant

As a research participant, you have certain requirements and expectations.

  • Use Sona systems to find projects in which to participate and follow instructions on the study posting for sign-up.
  • Participate with informed consent and assurance of confidentiality unless otherwise stated.
  • You are expected to show up for any projects that you agree to participate. Arrangements must be made prior to experimental session if you cannot keep your appointment.
  • Please do not query course instructors about details of individual research projects.
  • For some projects for which the researchers were granted prior Institutional Review Board approval, you will be contacted by the experimenter directly to participate.

  • Once you have participated, be sure to fill out receipt form provided by experimenter. Get the form signed by experimenter. You should keep the bottom portion of the receipt as your personal copy until the end of the semester. This receipt is your proof of participation for credit in the event of a discrepancy with the Subject Pool Administrator.

    Please do not divulge the specific details of any experiment in which you have participated.
  • If you were sent a confirmation email from the experimenter, please keep this email until after you have participated. It may contain valuable contact information.

  • You will not always correspond with the experimenter directly. Some studies may be anonymous, such as a web-based survey, and this would not apply.

Please Note: In the event of a discrepancy such as failure to get credit, the experimenter canceled the session, and so on, please consult the grievance procedures document for instructions about what to do.

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