The Department of Psychology offers its academic programs on and off campus. It educates diverse, talented, traditional and nontraditional students who will supply knowledge, skills, and intellectual leadership in both the private and public sectors. Bachelors, masters, and doctoral degrees are offered. In addition to traditional classroom instruction, a number of service learning opportunities are available to UM-St. Louis psychology students. Active engagement in research and scholarship enable the psychology faculty to advance knowledge and to impart research methods and results directly in their classroom teaching. The psychology faculty is committed to generating knowledge through research that can be applied to problems at the regional, state, national, and international level. In addition to laboratory research, many psychology faculty members are engaged in field research that has practical implications in the areas of mental health, medicine, and business. The psychology department also operates three mental health clinics which provide needed services to local residents at affordable rates. Many psychology faculty members also provide technical assistance to public and private agencies in the St. Louis region.