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Email: ohnersorgenm@umsl.edu

Dr. Michael Ohnersorgen comes to us from Arizona State University, where he conducted his doctoral and postdoctoral studies. He was employed as a Visiting Assistant Professor at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Michael's research focuses on Mesoamerica's ancient complex societies, particularly on issues of political and economic organization and interregional interaction. His graduate research focused on the Gulf Coast lowlands of Mesoamerica, where he directed fieldwork at Cuetlaxtlan, Veracruz, a provincial capital of the Aztec empire. Dr. Ohnersorgen is currently directing a project at the site of Chacalilla, located on the coast of Nayarit, Mexico, with funding from the National Science Foundation. His Project focuses on sociopolitical organization, craft production, and trade within Northwest Mexico's Aztatlán cultural tradition. In addition to his research in Mexico, Michael has worked as an archaeologist for state and federal agencies, museums, and cultural resource management firms in California, Arizona, and Hawaii.