Dr. Allon Uhlmann


allonPhone: (314)516-6024

Education: Ph.D. in Anthropology at the Australian National University in 2002. BA in Middle Eastern History, MA in Anthropology, and a Graduate Diploma in Education.

Research and Teaching: I have  conducted fieldwork in Newcastle, Australia; Cairo, Egypt; and Jerusalem.  My publications cover such themes as kinship, family and gender; sexuality; class analysis; education and cognition, as well as theory and methodology of social sciences.  My work draws on Bourdieu’s theory of practice, cognitive sciences and the phenomenology of embodiment in order to explore subjectivity as a social and cultural process.  I am currently researching cognitive style in Islamic education.  For more details click here.

I teach the following courses: World Cultures; Cultures of the Near and Middle East; Cognition across Cultures; Ideas and Explanations in Anthropology; Research Methods.  For more details click here.

Personal History: The usual stuff (born, raised, endless schooling, married, one daughter, two cats etc.); some unusual stuff (teaching English to Chinese refugees, translation work, political activity, etc.); and downright eccentric stuff (some things are better kept off the public record).

Professional Activities: Researching, Writing, Publishing, Teaching, Editing, Reviewing, Criticizing, Committee Work, Paper Work, More Paper Work, Groveling for Funding, Schmoozing, and Networking (and not necessarily all in that order).