Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology


Candidates must complete the following core requirements:

Anthropology 1005 Introduction to Biological Anthropology

Anthropology 1011 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology

Anthropology 1019 Introduction to Archaeology

Anthropology 3202 Culture, Politics, and Social Organization

Sociology 3220 Sociological Statistics, or any other college-level statistics course

Anthropology 4301 
Ideas and Explanations in Anthropology

Anthropology 4308 Practicum in Cultural Research Methods or

Anthropology 4310 Laboratory Methods in Archaeology or 

Anthropology 4311 Primate Research Methods

Anthropology 4315 Senior Seminar

Anthropology 4316
Senior Seminar Tutorial

1 archaeology area course numbered 2100-2199
1 culture area course numbered 2100-2199
2 courses in anthropology numbered 3200-3299, in addition to 3202

Six hours of credit will be accepted for courses taken on a satisfactory/unsatisfactory (S/U) basis from any departmental elective.  The statistics requirement may be taken on a S/U basis.  All other required courses for the major must be completed with a grade of C- or better.  Students may elect to take up to, but not exceed, 12 additional hours in anthropology courses of their choice.

After fulfilling the general education and specific major degree requirements, students are to take the remaining 54 hours required to complete the B.A. degree from courses which the appropriate department has evaluated as being of university-level quality.