• Dr. Susan Brownell China, sports and body culture, the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, and Olympic studies.
  • Dr. Sheilah Clarke-Ekong Change and continuity in contemporary West African cultures, African organizational  structures, women's participation in the informal economies of the urban United States and South Africa, African geography and cultural education.
  • Dr. Michael Cosmopoulos Old World archaeology, emergence of states and social complexity in Greece, Greece from the Neolithic Period, rise of Greek city-states and Classical Greece.
  • Catherine Koziol
  • Dr. Laura Miller She has published more than fifty articles and book chapters on Japanese culture and language, including topics such as the Korean wave, English loanwords in Japanese, the Abeno Seimei boom, girls’ slang, and print club photos.
  • Dr. Patti Wright Midwestern U.S., Mesoamerica, Peru, paleoethnobotany, origins of food production, history of archaeology, archaeological methods and formation processes.

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