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UMSL History Department - Events Calendar

January 25 (Thursday)

Japan America Society of Chicago, “Female Emperor Suiko,” Zoom talk Laura Miller, 6:00pm

February 5 (Monday)
Greek Studies Dionysios Solomos’s “Woman of Zakynthos” (1826-1933) and the Making of Refugees
Prof. Artemis Leontis, University of Michigan

February Tentative

“Feminist Perspectives on Japanese Popular Culture,” Online symposium co-hosted by the University of Tokyo, UNSW Sydney, Concordia, and Tulane. Keynote Zoom talk by Laura Miller

February 22 (Thursday)

Digital Humanities invited talk Carrie Mott

February 23 (Friday)

Digital Humanities Roundtable on pedagogy and digital storytelling, with Carrie Mott, Andrew Hurley, Lara Kelland

March 4  (Monday)
Greek Studies Unearthing the Social/Cultural Roots of Greek Sovereign Debt Crisis
Prof. Constantine Danopoulos

March 16 (Saturday) Tentative

Event on Chinese American documentary film, Susan Brownell

April 2 (Tuesday)

Japan Studies: Hip Hop in Japan, Ian Condry (MIT), grad seminar open to the public

SSB 331, 5:30pm

April 4 (Thursday)

James Neal Primm Lecture in History:  David Treuer, “Beyond Tragedy: Imagining Native Futures.” Evening at the Missouri History Museum

April 23  (Monday)
Greek Studies, A Random Walk Through Greek Science
Dr. Demetrios Matsakis, Naval Observatory

April 26 (Friday)

Greek Studies: The Greek International Performing Arts Series concert

April 27 (Saturday)  

Symposium on the 1930s, Organized by Minsoo Kang. Held at the Holocaust museum. Details soon.

May 9 (Thursday)

Japan Studies: Occult Hunting Book Launch

Paul Manning (Trent U) & Kate Goldfarb (U Colorado)

SSB 331, 4:30pm

September 11: St. Louis Oasis, “From Apollo to Artemis:  A Brief History of US Space Exploration,” PowerPoint Presentation by Kevin Fernlund

September 12: St. Louis Oasis, “The British Invasion,” PowerPoint Presentation by Kevin Fernlund

September 14: St. Louis Oasis, “The Thucydides Trap:  Is War with China Inevitable?” PowerPoint Presentation by Kevin Fernlund 

October 13: Geospatial Initiative Spatial Humanities Group, “We Are St. Louis Project,” Lara Kelland

October 31“Mad scientist” talk by Minsoo Kang 2:00pm

November 1 Greek Studies: “Greek Miracles and Wildflowers from the Acropolis by the White House:” Alexander Nagel, Smithsonian Institution.

November 9: Challenging History Collaborative Happy Hour National Blues Museum 615 Washington Ave 6:00-8:0pm

November 16: Japan America Society of Chicago, “Pilgrim Stamp Hunting,” Zoom talk Laura Miller