About the Certificates

Certificate in Applied Econometrics and Data Analysis 

This Certificate is designed to prepare students to perform applied econometric analysis in a variety of professional settings:  banks, telecomm companies, consulting firms, etc.  BS students can further distinguish themselves with this Certificate, which can be combined with the BS, the MA, or completed as a freestanding certificate.

Certificate in Actuarial Studies (Undergraduate)

A number of quantitative courses offered by the Department help satisfy the prerequisites for the Certificate in Actuarial Studies and help fulfill the VEE requirements in Economics and Applied Statistics.  These courses have received approval of the Society of Actuaries (SOA).  

Public Policy Administration (PPA) Graduate Certificate in Policy and Program Evaluation (PPE)

For MA students interested in policy, it is possible to earn the Certificate without any additional coursework beyond what is required for the MA alone, by taking courses required for both the MA and the PPE Certificate and choosing PP ADM classes for some of your non-Economics electives.