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The Department of Economics offers the following degrees:

NEW!  STEM Designation - The BS Econ and MA Econ programs at UMSL have been designated as STEM Programs (CIP Code: 450603: Econometrics and Quantitative Economics), effective Fall 2019. This reclassification means that international students who receive these degrees can obtain three years of optional practical training (OPT). Please refer to the International Student Services Office in SSB 362 for OPT workshops and to check your eligibility. More details are available at the Department of Homeland Security site. Click here and here.


Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Economics
The BA in Economics is more "liberal arts" in its focus than the BS degree. The BA degree requires completion of the BA foreign language requirement of the College of Arts and Sciences.

Bachelor of Science (BS) in Economics
The BS in Economics provides more in-depth development of the analytical and quantitative skills used in economic analysis, including coursework in calculus and econometrics. This quantitative skill set is highly valued by employers as demonstrated by the considerable employment success of our BS graduates. BS students can further distinguish themselves to employers with a Certificate in Applied Econometrics and Data Analysis.

Dual Bachelor of Science and Master of Arts (Dual BS/MA) in Economics (Brochure)
The Dual BS/MA (“2+3”) in Economics is an accelerated program that allows students to complete a BS and a MA in Economics in five years. The program is targeted at students who are comfortable with mathematics and have demonstrated success in undergraduate-level quantitative and analytical economics courses.

Master of Arts (MA) in Economics (Think Data, Think UMSL Economics MA Program -- learn more!)
The MA in Economics is specifically designed for those seeking to work as professional economists.  Students acquire knowledge and a versatile set of skills that are highly valued in the workplace.  A unique feature of the program is the opportunity to take a large number of courses in applied economics and data analysis and to gain knowledge through individual and group projects. The program can accommodate prospective full-time students as well as those who wish to study part-time.

Bachelor of Science (BS) in Actuarial Science
The Department of Economics, in conjunction with the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science and the College of Business Administration, offers an interdisciplinary actuarial science program which provides students with the quantitative skills used by actuaries. The program includes coursework in calculus, financial mathematics, statistics, economics, econometrics, and finance, and provides solid preparation to take the exams required by the Society of Actuaries.

Bachelor’s of Science (BS) in Data Science & Analysis (Economics Emphasis)
The BS in Data Science and Analysis is an interdisciplinary program that is designed for students who want to develop statistical and data science skills. While data science is at the core of this program, students will also select a specialization from areas including economics.  Link for more general information about the BS Data Science & Analysis degree

In addition to the above Degree Programs, the Department also offers:

Minor in Economics
The Department offers a minor in Economics to students who want to develop some knowledge in this field but wish to major in another discipline.

Certificate in Applied Econometrics and Data Analysis
The Certificate is designed to prepare students to perform applied econometric analysis in a variety of professional settings:  banks, telecomm companies, consulting firms, etc.  This Certificate can be combined with the BS, the MA, or completed as a freestanding certificate.

Certificate in Actuarial Studies
A number of quantitative courses offered by the Department help satisfy the prerequisites for the Certificate in Actuarial Studies and help fulfill the VEE requirements in Economics and Applied Statistics. These courses have received approval of the Society of Actuaries (SOA).

Public Policy Administration (PPA) Graduate Certificate in Policy and Program Evaluation (PPE)
For MA students interested in policy, it is possible to earn the Certificate without any additional coursework beyond what is required for the MA alone, by taking courses required for both the MA and the PPE Certificate and choosing PP ADM classes for some of your non-Economics electives.