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The Interpersonal Communication emphasis area focuses on communication processes in personal relationships.

Students in this emphasis area will explore the roles that communication plays in personal and professional relationships and apply theories and models of interpersonal communication phenomena to complex, real-life experiences. This emphasis area is also designed to help students better navigate conflict, manage teamwork, and enhance interpersonal relationships.

Communication Majors in the Interpersonal Communication Emphasis Area take any five of the following courses:

Course Number Course Title
Comm 1369 Intro to Health Communication
Comm 2230 Small Group Communication
Comm 2240 Persuasive Communication
Comm 3337 Communication and Gender
Comm 3368 Advanced Health Communication
Comm 3130 Communication in Family, Dating, and Marriage
Comm 4500 Seminar in Fundamental of Communication Theory
Comm 4650 Seminar in Fundamental Interpersonal Communication Theory:


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