The Strategic Communication emphasis area deals with public and inter-organizational communication undertaken by companies and organizations to serve a specific company goal or purpose. It is an interdisciplinary approach that can incorporate elements from public relations, advertising and organizational communication.

Students in this emphasis area will create high-quality print, digital, and video products as well as design high-impact messages tailored to specific audiences. The Strategic Communication emphasis area is meant to empower students with the fundamental skills necessary to be competitive in the ever-changing communication field.

Communication Majors in the Strategic Communication Emphasis Area take any five of the following courses:

Course Number Course Title
Media Studies 1100 Introduction to Advertising
Comm 1150 Introduction to Public Relations
Comm 1369  Introduction to Health Communication
Media Studies 2080  Advertising Copywriting
Comm 2180  Public Relations Writing
Media Studies 2180 Introduction to News Writing
Comm 2240  Persuasive Communication
Media Studies 3025  Current Issues in Strategic Communication
 COMM 3150 Crisis,  Disaster, and Risk Communication
 Media Studies 3150  Feature Writing
 Media Studies 3338  Advertising Technique
Comm 3355  Dangerous Messages
Media Studies 3355 Media Law and Regulation
 Comm 3368  Advanced Health Communication
 Comm 3370  Social Media in Public Relations
 Comm 4100 Communication Campaigns
Comm 4500 Seminar in Fundamental Communication Theory
Comm 4600 Seminar in Fundamental Organizational Communication Theory


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