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Pillar 1 seeks to amplify the UMSL value proposition and story to impact the funnel/pipeline to realize increased awareness and interest in UMSL to support increases in enrollment and retention rates. KPIs include brand awareness, interest and consideration, as well as student support services to drive re-enrollments.

* Action approved for implementation in Year 1 (FY21).

Strategy 1

Increase UMSL’s marketing capacity and resources to drive student recruitment and enrollment.

Objective 1.1.1

Increase core paid media investments to expand capacity for institutional, enrollment and degree-level advertising


  • Invest in year-over-year increases in core paid advertising budget. *
  • Invest in additional staff to manage, optimize additional investments and strategies in paid advertising as needed.
  • Deploy strategic marketing and communication/messaging to the admit-to-enroll phase of the admission funnel to increase enrollment yield in new students. *

Objective 1.1.2

Engage in a review of brand architecture to develop a comprehensive brand strategy


  • Develop review process; develop methodology for research; determine scope and sample size for quantitative and qualitative research. *
  • Develop and finalize comprehensive brand strategy. *
  • Invest in additional staff to implement brand strategy, lead creative services, further develop and enforce brand standards. *

Objective 1.1.3

Enhance centralized web services to support and facilitate best practices for enrollment management


  • Invest in additional staff to centralize web services. *
  • Focus on efforts that support degree search/exploration, lead generation, conversions to applications utilizing best practices, web optimization, data analytics, with integration into university CRM. *
  • Enhance content management system by centralizing web templates and transitioning to a cloud-based application. *

Objective 1.1.4

Enhance social media presence and engagement


  • Invest in additional staff to coordinate social media efforts centrally. *
  • Implement best practices to impact enrollment and retention. *

Objective 1.1.5

Facilitate effective email-based communications with university audiences


  • Develop enhanced email communications that enables responsible, dynamic email communications with robust analytics to best optimize outreach. *
  • Distribute robust email communications to internal and external audiences to further engage students, faculty, staff as well as alumni, donors and friends in enrollment efforts. *

Objective 1.1.6

Develop an enhanced online virtual campus tour


  • Develop a comprehensive virtual tour of the university to better engage prospective students and families in digital environments. * 
  • Utilize platform to drive conversions to in-person tours, inquiries and applications to enhance enrollment. *

Objective 1.1.7

Develop creative assets to highlight the UMSL experience


  • Produce high-quality digital assets such as video to introduce prospective students, families, educational counselors, advisors and others to the campus environment and community.
  • Utilize assets across the university’s owned channels including website, social media, email campaigns, recruitment events and on-campus programs.

Strategy 2

Expand outreach to diverse market audiences.

Objective 1.2.1

Develop creative assets to highlight diversity at UMSL


  • Design creative assets such as print, digital or video assets to highlight UMSL as a diverse and welcoming university. *

Objective 1.2.2

Coordinate recruitment efforts for diverse populations


  • Invest in additional admissions recruitment staff specializing in diversity outreach and engagement to prospective students. 
  • Determine target populations and strategy for outreach and recruitment initiatives.
  • Coordinate diversity outreach events in partnership with academic units and non-academics such as the alumni association.

Strategy 3

Develop advocacy programs to engage as brand ambassadors.

Objective 1.3.1

Optimize student-led advocacy in support of student recruitment


  • Establish student recruitment ambassador program.
  • Identify, recruit and employ current students to advocate effectively for the university through engagement and recruitment efforts.

Objective 1.3.2

Enhance relationships and connection with high school and community college counselors


  • Launch a professional development series for high school and community college counselors hosted at and sponsored by UMSL.
  • Engage counselors on-site in professional development activities to showcase UMSL's community, academic programs and student support services.

Strategy 4

Increase early collegiate awareness and pipeline to college in the St. Louis region and beyond.

Objective 1.4.1

Expand successful precollegiate pipeline model to increase early awareness and access to higher education


  • Expand and promote UMSL’s Precollegiate Student Services programs to support students and families in precollegiate, college pipeline efforts.
  • Collaborate with high schools to promote dual enrollment opportunities and increase engagement with junior and senior students with a focus on those schools lacking ACP-certified instructors. *

Objective 1.4.2

Establish new programs to support the college-going pipeline in the St. Louis region


  • Invest in additional staff to coordinate and lead expanded access and outreach efforts.
  • Increase program offerings for the K-12 students such as high-demand academic precollegiate camps and programs.

Strategy 5

Develop and enhance alumni engagement programs focused on recruitment.

Objective 1.5.1

Develop outreach and incentives legacy programs to reach UMSL alumni and their families  


  • Launch outreach campaign to UMSL alumni to promote legacy enrollments.
  • Offer enrollment incentives for legacy students.
  • Establish a scholarship program to provide financial aid to legacy students.