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The UMSL Strategic Enrollment Plan 2021-2025 is a comprehensive, data-driven plan that outlines effective strategies to ensure the university’s long-term sustainability through enrollment and retention growth.

Following a collaborative, year-long process, the University of Missouri–St. Louis developed its first comprehensive strategic enrollment plan, grounded in the university's mission and in alignment with the UMSL Strategic Plan. The plan provides a comprehensive framework for the university’s enrollment strategy and management through 2025 and provides clarity in enrollment priorities, key objectives and resource allocations.

The overarching purpose of this plan is to meet the enrollment and retention goals of the UMSL Strategic Plan by identifying effective strategies, aligning recruitment and retention efforts across the university, and establishing clear objectives and actions through 2025. Each area of the plan includes several objectives with corresponding actions to drive implementation and outcomes with five-year base funding for new investments provided by the University of Missouri System.

The Strategic Enrollment Plan is intended to be a living document, considering changes in UMSL’s operating context and the higher education marketplace. Strategic Enrollment Plan leads will review progress quarterly, including timelines and established reporting metrics, to determine potential changes in objectives or actions, as well as to recommend additional investments based on enrollment growth and return on investment.

Four Strategic Pillars for Strategic Enrollment Management

Within the plan framework, the university has identified four strategic pillars for strategic enrollment management to support recruitment and retention goals while focusing on student success and outcomes: