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fireside lounge fireplace and students at tables

Fireside Lounge

Hang with friends, meet your mentor, and play some games at the social space. During the winter time, you can curl up near the fireplace with a good book before class. Located on the 2nd floor.

Students in front of the Nosh sign

The Nosh

This is the hub of space that collects students throughout the day for a good meal, few laughs, and great memories spent downstairs. Located on the 1st floor. Learn More

TV Lounge

The downstairs TV Lounge is perfect for the show you do not want to miss if you are on campus and cannot leave in time. Located on the 1st floor.

Quiet Lounge

If you prefer a silent corner to get some homework done, visit the Quiet Lounge on the third floor.

Student Involvement

This space is designated for any student seeking space to talk, meet, or work on assignments. It is especially useful for student organizations to hold casual meetings or work on projects in this large and comfortable space. Visit the OSI website