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Zoom Logistics (for online presenters)

Each session will have an assigned Zoom Host who will create the Zoom link and handle any needed technology support. You will also have a session Convener who can help with logistics such as introductions, time tracking, monitoring the chat, and reminding participants about conference session evaluations. Zoom links will be provided in our Sched app. You will be connected with your Zoom Host a week or two before the conference. Your Zoom Host will:

  • Create the Zoom meeting link for your session and provide technical support, set up needed Zoom poll, breakout rooms, etc.
  • Turn on live closed captioning for your session.
  • Start and Stop session recording (unless you specifically requested no recording).

Zoom rooms will be open at least 10 minutes before the start of the session for setup. Practice sessions can also be arranged a week or two before the conference. Reach out to your Zoom Host or to fttc@umsl.edu to arrange a practice session.

See additional suggestions for how to make a Zoom session interactive .

Some participants might be on mobile devices, plan for this.

Encourage group norms/set expectations from the beginning of your session.



Online sessions: Zoom now provides live closed captioning. Your Zoom Host will take care of turning this on for your session. Learn more about this new Zoom feature .

In-person sessions: For in-person sessions, we encourage you to use the PowerPoint or Google Slides caption feature. See the guides below for more details.

Also, consider that some participants might have vision issues. If any components of your presentation require participants to be able to analyze images, consider having an alternative, or putting participants in groups where other group members can provide a visual description of the image for their colleagues.


Session Design

  • Design your presentation around your proposal. Ensure that the presentation you plan to deliver matches the goals of your proposal and audience expectations.
  • Build in interactivity. Within 10 minutes, your audience may begin drifting. Keep them engaged with active learning methods.
  • Fewer slides, less text. The audience is there to see you! Make fewer (but impactful) slides to hold their attention. Use less text to refrain from "reading the slides".
  • Don't try to teach too much material. Time flies when you're in the spotlight! Pace your presentation at a comfortable rate and leave time for questions, especially if presenting a workshop.
  • Practice. Go over your presentation with a peer or colleague. Even a simple walkthrough could highlight something you missed or a flaw in the design.
  • Create key takeaways. Provide resources for further exploration; these might be handouts, a bundle of Web links, and/or an activity for the audience to try in their class.


Presentation and Delivery

  • Introduce Yourself. Sometimes, in a hurry to get the session underway, we forget the little things.
  • Speak conversationally. You are the guide of the session. Help the audience feel welcome.
  • Pause for questions... Presenters often do not leave enough "awkward silence" to warrant an audience member to ask their question or give a response. Don't be afraid of the silence.
  • Stay on topic. If you begin to shift to topics other than your session's goal, guide the conversation back to the purpose.
  • Respect the time. Be aware of how much time you've been allotted and keep track of it; if your session goes past the limit, offer to continue it outside the room.
  • Bring it full circle. Near the end of the session, remind the audience what they came to learn and highlight the themes of the session.



Presenter FAQs

View your confirmation email or the Sched app to confirm your session day, time, and length.
No. For online sessions, your Zoom Host will give you the ability to share your screen. You can share your presentation directly from your computer. In-person you can bring a thumb drive or access it in a cloud service (email, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.) from the presentation room computer. 
If you want participants to have handouts either before or after your session, email them to fttc@umsl.edu and we will load them into the Sched eProgram. If handouts need to be available during your session, please email them at least 24 hours ahead of time. Alternatively, you can also post them directly in the Zoom chat during the session. 
All rooms will be equipped with an Internet-enabled computer, screen, and data projector. We are not able to install additional software ahead of the conference. If special software is required for your session that must be locally installed, please plan to bring your own computer for the presentation.
Yes, email fttc@umsl.edu  and we can put you in touch with your Zoom Host to coordinate a practice session. 
Yes, you will receive an email well ahead of the Conference that will contain a link giving you edit access to your presentation in Sched. If you want to make changes before this or cannot locate this email, please reach out to fttc@umsl.edu.