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The conference in-person day (October 6th) will be at the Millenium Student Center (MSC) on the University of Missouri-St. Louis's North Campus. Please see our Directions page for the address, travel directions and parking details.

Stop by our Online Help Desk open 8:30-3:15pm, Friday, Sept 29th.

Is FTTC Being offered as Virtual again in 2023?

In 2023 the two day Focus on Teaching and Technology Conference, a midwest regional conference, will have virtual (via Zoom) sessions on Friday, September 29 and in-person on Friday, October 6 held on the University of Missouri-St. Louis campus. Different sessions will be held each day and there is not a virtual way to attend the in-person day.

We are very grateful to our institutional partners and sponsors for making it possible for us to offer the conference at minimal cost this year!

See details below to help you navigate the conference and have an amazing experience! If these FAQs don’t answer your question, email fttc@umsl.edu.

Registration Questions

There will be a $100 fee for registration for the full conference. Attendees who wish to attend on the virtual-only day can register for $50. The registration fee will be waived for faculty and staff from our institutional sponsors, Planning Committee members, presenters, and volunteers. Students can register for one or both days for $25.

Interested in being a 2023 Conference Volunteer? We love our volunteers who make this Conference so great! We are always looking for session conveners, help desk support, proofreaders, caption editors, etc. Students, this can be a great way to learn the behind the scenes of a virtual conference! Email fttc@umsl.edu if interested in helping out and attending for free. Deadline to sign up as a volunteer is September 26th 5pm.

We do not have fee waivers or complimentary registrations available this year. The fee is waived automatically for faculty & staff participants from our Gold-level institutional sponsors, Planning Committee members, presenters, and volunteers. 

Interested in being a 2023 Conference Volunteer? We love our volunteers who make this conference so great! We are always looking for session conveners, help desk support, proofreaders, caption editing, etc. Students, this can be a great way to learn the behind the scenes of a virtual conference! Email fttc@umsl.edu if interested in helping out and attending for free. Deadline to sign up as a volunteer is September 26th 5pm.

FTTC registration opens each year around July 1st. After this date you will find the registration link active on our Registration Page.

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You can cancel or change any registration date(s) up to September 1st. Just email fttc@umsl.edu and we can cancel your current registration and refund your fee. You can then re-register with your corrected registration options. 

For more minor registration changes (e.g. change a name or email) that do not impact the fee paid, just email fttc@umsl.edu and we are glad to update your registration information.

Between September 1st and September 26th, you can add to your registration (e.g. from one day to two days), but there are no registration refunds.

Check your junk mail. If you don’t find the conference confirmation email there, reach out to us at fttc@umsl.edu and we’ll be glad to forward relevant information and make sure we have your email address correct for future correspondence. We will do our best to respond within 24 hours. During conference hours (8:30am-3pm Central Time), stop by our Zoom reception and help desk.

To assure you receive all conference communications, details in a timely manner and applicable institutional discounts, be sure to register by Tuesday, September 26th, 5pm.

We are not able to issue continuing education credits. We will be collecting Zoom participation logs during online sessions. For the in-person day, be sure to stop at our Check-In desk to pick up your conference badge. If your name is clearly identifiable on your Zoom account or you have picked up your conference badge in-person we will note you in our records as having attended the conference. We can create an attendance certificate upon request. Email fttc@umsl.edu after the conference to request a certificate of attendance.

Schedule Questions

Our synchronous sessions will be provided using the Zoom web conferencing toolIt is advisable to be sure you have the most recent version of Zoom downloaded before the conference so you will be able to access all engagement options provided during sessions. 

Zoom links will be housed in our Sched eProgram and will only appear 10 minutes before the start of each session. You must have created a Sched account and be logged into your account to see the Zoom links.

For an overview of the conference see our Schedule at a Glance. Detailed descriptions, Zoom links, presenter bios, etc. can be found in our eProgram Sched (requires registration to access). Once registered for the conference, follow the instructions under “How do I create my Sched account?” to create your Sched account and customize your schedule. In order to access virtual conference sessions, participants must create a Sched account and be logged into Sched within 10 minutes of the session. (Zoom links will become available 10 minutes prior to session start time.)

Yes, a link to a downloadable version of the schedule will be provided ahead of the conference to all registered participants. You can opt to print this schedule at a glance. Note this does not contain details such as presenter affiliations and Zoom links (virtual day only). You need to access those in our electronic program Sched

No, the conference sessions will be different on each day. Consult with the electronic program Sched, for details of each conference day.
Great question! Those familiar with FTTC know it is traditionally held on Thursday and Friday of the same week. Given the hybrid format we are using this year (first day entirely online, second day entirely in-person), we recognize we need to account for travel time for our participants as well as our own set up time. To assure everyone can fully enjoy the in-person day we have allowed a gap between the two days that will hopefully give us all time to reflect on what we've learned to build on it in our in-person activities, and also to be fully prepared to assure everyone has a great experience in-person.
We are excited to announce Dr. Bridget Arend will be providing our Keynote and Keynote Workshop virtually on Friday, September 29th. See our Keynote page for titles and descriptions. Zoom links to the sessions are available to registered participants via our electronic program Sched.

All Zoom hosts have been instructed to turn on the Zoom captioning tool. If for some reason it is not on in a session, please request the Zoom Host to turn it on. Zoom links are all being hosted from an educational account so the captioning feature is available in all sessions. 

We will do our best to try to accommodate in-person captioning as well.

Yes, our goal is to capture as many of the virtual sessions as possible. With the presenters' permission, recordings will be posted in our electronic program Sched within 24-48 hours following a session. Registration will be required to gain access to the recordings. 

*Captioning will be made available in as timely a manner as possible following the posting of the recording but will likely take longer than the 24-48 hour window as manual editing will be required to assure the quality of the captions. 

Recordings will not be available for the in-person sessions.

Details on door prize registration will be emailed to registered conference participants. Watch registration emails for details.

Only live interaction is provided this year for Tech Treks. But details for each tool are provided in our electronic program Sched. Join the Tech Trek sessions over the latter part of the lunch hour on our virtual day and roam the breakout rooms to learn more about each tool!

Links for the overall conference evaluation as well as evaluations for each session can be found in our electronic program Sched. You will also receive an email after the conference that will include the conference evaluation link as well as lots of other conference wrap up details and links. Thank you for taking a moment to provide your feedback!


Program (Sched) Questions

See step by step instructions on our electronic program pageFor additional help with Sched or information on how to build your schedule, see these Help Guides, or email fttc@umsl.edu for assistance.

Search for FTTC 2023: Focus on Teaching and Technology Conference.

Note you must use the same email to create your Sched account that you registered for the conference with. Email fttc@umsl.edu with questions.

You may have turned on one of the Sched filters. Be sure to turn off all Sched filters to see all sessions. See the Filter options on the right-hand side of the Sched screen.


Sched defaults to the Central Time zone where the conference is being hosted. Be sure to set the timezone for your account to your time zone to be able to see the correct session times. Look for the Timezone dropdown on the Sched right-hand menu.



Zoom Questions

Each session on our virtual day will have a separate Zoom link. These can be found in the electronic program Sched. In order to access conference sessions, participants must create a Sched account and be logged into Sched within 10 minutes of the session. (Zoom links will become available 10 minutes prior to session start time.)

All virtual sessions will be hosted with an educational Zoom account which includes a machine generated captioning feature. The Zoom Host for each meeting will turn on the captioning at the start of each session. If captioning is not on feel free to make the request for it to be turned on.

We will make every attempt to provide a captioning option for in-person sessions as well, where possible.

You can still access Zoom meetings and webinars without having an account. When you click on a link on your computer for the first time you will be prompted to download a small plug in. You will also be prompted what name you want to display. 

On a mobile device you will need to install the Zoom app from your app store. Again you will be prompted what screen name you want to display. Then click the link or type the meeting ID in to join the meeting.


It is possible to participate in the virtual sessions without a webcam. This might result in a diminished experience as our sessions tend to be highly interactive. If you are presenting we strongly recommend having a webcam available.

This should only happen if you are trying to access the link without being logged into your Zoom account. If prompted, use the code FTTC2023 (note all upper case). If that doesn't work, try fttc2023 (all lower case). 

Fatigue from attending web conferences is a real thing. You have probably figured this out already if you are teaching classes with a web conferencing tool such as Zoom or if you have had days full of meetings. There are many strategies you can use to help mediate this exhausting effect.Read this short article from the Harvard Review on How to Combat Zoom Fatigue

Interested in more background? To learn more about why web conferences can be more exhausting than in person meetings, see these articles from the Chronicle of Higher Education and the National Geographic.


Speaker Questions

Yes! In the last year Zoom add a feature for live captioning in Zoom. Your Zoom Host will automatically turn this on so there is no longer a need to use a slideshow or other software providing this option. We have asked the Zoom Hosts to turn this on for all sessions. If they forget, please remind them to turn it on. Learn more about the new Zoom live closed captioning feature. 

For in-person sessions we encourage you to use the PowerPoint or Google Slides caption feature. See the guides below for more details.

Yes, we encourage you to do this if you are willing! Email your presentation file or link and/or any other handouts to fttc@umsl.edu and we will load it into the Sched page for your session.

We have created separate evaluations for each session which are linked in your session description in Sched. We also have overall questions on the conference evaluation where we occasionally get individualized session feedback. And we will collect input from your session convener. If we receive at least 3 responses for your session we will send you a summary of the feedback.