Elevate Your Research with Impactful Visuals


As a part of UMSL’s strategic priority to increase federal research funding and F&A, the Office of Research, Economic and Community Development is pleased to offer Scientific Illustration and Graphic Design services.

Scientific illustration and graphic design in research proposals serve to simplify complex ideas, enhance visual appeal, and effectively communicate research objectives and findings. They play a vital role in engaging reviewers, conveying data, and making a persuasive case for securing grant funding or approval from review committees.

Priority consideration for scientific illustration and graphic design services for Research Faculty include:

  • Proposals to federal agencies with full F&A rates with award size of $300,000 and above
  • Nationally competitive foundation proposals with award sizes of $300,000 and above
  • Cover art for high impact journals (ORECD provides services, not associated publication costs)
  • Institutionally significant proposals which advance UMSL’s mission
  • Other requests for scientific illustration and graphic design services will be accommodated based upon scheduling and availability (always reach out, we will help you if we can)


 measles_virus streptococcus_pneumoniae charts_graphs

Services include:

  • 2D Illustrations
  • 3D Illustrations
  • 3D Molecular Modeling
  • Graphic Design (Logic models, Charts, Visual Formatting, Maps)
  • Journal Cover Art (New England Journal of Medicine, Advanced Materials, American Sociological Review)


Schedule a consult with Mary Nguyen to request or learn more about services.


Link to Mary’s scientific illustration work: https://www.mmarynguyen.com/portfolio