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Research Development Review

Once you have a solid proposal draft, the research development team can review your proposal to make sure it is well organized, clear, persuasive, visually appealing and that it addresses agency requirements and review criteria. We can also help you integrate reviewer feedback into the narrative and help you digest and integrate panel reviews into resubmission applications. In addition, we can connect you to internal peer reviewers and help you identify external peer reviewers.

On a limited basis, the Research Development Office can support manuscript review and editing. Early career faculty and faculty that are non-native English speakers will receive priority for this service.

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Peer Review

Peer Review is essential to grant funding success, so it is important to think about potential reviewers early and to allow plenty of time to circulate your narrative and integrate feedback. The Research Development team can connect you to internal UMSL peer reviewers with a history of funding and panel review experience. For NIH, NSF and IES proposals, you can take advantage of our external peer review program which provide an honorarium to leading experts in your field to provide expert review. This service is particularly recommended for resubmissions which received strong scores and there is a good likelihood of funding.


Whether you need major developmental or structural editing or copy or line editing, the research development team has you covered. We can trim sections to help you reach the page limit and to give you more review-friendly white space, refine, polish and convert passive language to active voice. We will double check that your proposal meets the agency-required formatting rules and that the heading structure aligns with agency standards.

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