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Services and resources to help you draft competitive proposals

Whether you are a new faculty member planning your first research proposal, an experienced investigator, or somewhere in between – the research development team will meet you where you are and partner with you to develop a strong proposal. Below are a few of the ways we can help you.

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  • Find collaborators and help forming a team
  • Brainstorm with you to see how your research can be positioned for specific funding opportunities
  • Interpret and summarize solicitation announcement to help you develop a competitive proposal that is responsive to funder priorities and requirements
  • Create annotated shell outline that allows you to write to the requirements and review criteria
  • Create a project timeline and help your team manage the multiple components
  • Help with framing and strategy to help your project align with funder’s focus
  • Draft non-science components such as Facilities, Post doc mentoring plans, management plans, institutional strengths, budget justifications, letters of support
  • Collect and review documents from collaborators
  • Integrate content from multiple authors into consistent voice
  • Help your proposals stand out with high impact illustrations and graphics
  • Work with you to integrate reviewer feedback into resubmissions


Scientific Illustration and Graphic Design Services

Regardless of what discipline you are in, high quality graphics can help you more powerfully communicate complex concepts and elevate the impact of your work. Whether it is a scientific or medical illustration, a logic model, 3D animation, Gantt chart or visual timeline, logic model, info graphic or a formatting theme, illustrations and graphics can help you build a compelling and competitive proposal.

Illustration Services

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Resources for Developing Commonly Required Proposal Sections


Data Management Plans

Evaluation Plan

Management Plan

Post Doc Mentoring Plans 

Boiler plate

Broader Impacts

Letters of Support