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NSF Post-Doctoral Mentoring Plan Template

Reminder: Always consult the RFP and Agency guidelines for exact requirements.

Responsibilities: Briefly describe post doc role on the project (research responsibilities, mentoring undergraduates

Orientation: To project, lab, dept., university, and expectations of research independence, and single or lead author manuscripts

Meetings: Meeting frequency (weekly, bi-weekly), participation in team meetings

Mentoring: Direction and advancement of research, career development, informal advising, encouragement to participate in department meetings, seminars, and research events, present research in weekly lab/team meetings, and conferences

Training: Research ethics, responsible conduct of research, data management, lab safety, equipment, protocols, research documentation

Individual Development Plan (IDP): Meet with the post doc at beginning of project to develop IDP and research roadmap as recommended by the National Postdoctoral Association (NPA) and National Academy of Sciences. Discuss formal and informal mentoring experiences

Proposal Writing: Training in preparing grant proposals: collaborating on PI proposals, applying for fellowships, participation in grant writing workshops, utilizing proposal development services of the Office of Research Administration

Publications and Presentations: Training in preparing publications and presentations, encouraging post docs to write up their research results for publication in peer reviewed journals and to present annually at conferences Guidance and training on preparing manuscripts

Conferences: Encourage post docs to present at conferences, apply for funding to support travel to conferences and costs of publications, participate in relevant professional associations.

Note: If budgeting for a post doc, you should include travel funds for the post doc to attend regional, national, and/or international scientific conferences. Also state in Post Doc Mentoring plan that travel funds will be provided  

Teaching: Provide guidance on improving teaching and mentoring skills. Encourage post doc to utilize resources of the Center for Teaching and Learning

Seminars: Discuss opportunities for the post doc to participate in seminars, symposiums

Multidisciplinary Research: Describe opportunities for participating in multidisciplinary research and provide guidance on how to effectively collaborate with researchers from diverse backgrounds and disciplinary areas


NSF Proposal & Award Policies & Procedures Guide (PAPPG)

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