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Program Overview

The 18-credit-hour Undergraduate Certificate in Internet and Web program provides a broad training in technologies related to the Internet and Web, with flexibility allowing a student to satisfy specific interests.


Required Courses (12 hours)

CMP SCI 3010 Web Programming 3
CMP SCI 4010
Advanced Web Development with Java 3
CMP SCI 4011 Client-Side Technologies 3
CMP SCI 4012/5012 Intro to Enterprise Web Development 3

Electives - Choose Two (6 hours)

CMS SCI 4020/5020 Intro to Android Apps 3
CMP SCI 4030/5030 Intro to Intelligent Web 3
CMP SCI 4610
Database Management Systems 3
CMP SCI 4730 Computer Networks and Communications 3
CMP SCI 4750/5750 Intro to Cloud Computing 3
INFSYS 3846 E-Commerce 3

Residency Requirement: Of the above required six courses at least four must be taken at the University of Missouri-St. Louis.

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