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The Mercantile Library is closed on Saturdays until August 24th. More Hours

Level 1 will close 5-13-24
Students may study at available tables on level 2 and the atrium, but please be prepared for high volumes of noise during this time.Click here to stay updated on all library renovation news.


About the Library:

Established in 1846 by civic leaders and philanthropists, the Mercantile exists today as a vibrant community and cultural asset. It is the oldest library west of the Mississippi and the grandparent of St. Louis cultural institutions.

The task of the Mercantile Library as a research library is to make its collections, which have come to concentrate on Western Expansion and the history, development, and growth of the St. Louis region and of the American rail and river transportation experiences, available to the widest number of local and national users.

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Library Tours: 

Tour availability is limited at this time due to construction. Please contact us in advance to determine availability by calling 314-516-7248 or email mercantilelibrary@umsl.edu.


For Research Inquiries:

Email: mercantilelibrary@umsl.edu

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Phone: 314-516-7240

The UMSL Digital Library

The UMSL Library Catalog, which includes items from the Mercantile and its collection.

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