Not sure who your department's site manager is? Here's our list of designated site managers across campus.

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Department Site Manager
Academic Affairs Betsy Sampson
Accounting Eboni Valentine
Advanced Credit Placement Jenny Shrensker
Admissions Jenny Martin
Alumni Records and Dev Systems
Art + Design
Behavioral Neuroscience Carissa Philippi
Biochemistry and Biotechnology Chung Wong
Biology Jasmine Maloney
bITS Brooke Lawrence
Budget Alignment Justin Roberts
Budget Services
Business Administration Eboni Valentine
Business Services Jeremy Knake
Campus Mediation Dana Beteet Daniels
Campus Safety Initiatives Jessica Long-Pease
Career Services Erica McClure
Campus Testing Center Sarah Butler
Cashiers (Student Financial Services) Mitchell Hess
Criminology and Criminal Justice Kimberly Stanger
Center for Business and Industrial Studies Eboni Valentine
Center for Character and Citizenship Deborah S. O'Reilly
Center for Excellence in Financial Counseling Vicki Jacobson
Center for Teaching and Learning Keeta Holmes
Center for the Humanities Tim Wombles
Chancellor Justin Roberts
Chancellors Cultural Diversity Council Tanisha Stevens
Chemistry and Biochemistry Chung Wong
Childrens Advocacy Center
CHOCD Joan Marie Hoscher
COE Counseling Marcom
COE Ed Collabitat Marcom
College of Arts and Sciences Tim Wombles
College of Education Erika Rose
Commencement Chelsea Nollau
Communication Jill Alexander
Community Based Research in Sociology Larry Irons
Community Collaborations Patricia Zahn
Computer Science Kimberly Stanger
Conference Services Meryl Jooste
Counseling Services Christopher Sullivan
Community Innovation and Action Center Paul Sorenson
Community Psychological Services Kelly Burnett
Computer Science Kimberly Stanger
Creating Whole Communities Tasnim Haq
Cybersecurity Cezary Janikow
DARS Tyrome Petty
Disability Access Services Tara Cramer
Des Lee Collaborative Vision Patricia Zahn
Development Mindy Thurmond
Doctor of Business Administration Francesca Ferrari
Dual Enrollment Program Jenny Shrensker
Economics Kimberly Stanger
Engineering Haiyan Cai
English Phillip Voglewede
Environmental Health and Safety Rachel Henken
Event Services Dorian Hall
Executive Events Chelsea Nollau
Faculties Management Katy Mike Smaistrla Lampe
Faculty Senate Loyola E. Harvey
Finance and Legal Studies Eboni Valentine
Finance Career Conference Eboni Valentine
Financial Aid Quentin Smith
Gateway for Online and Adult Learners Chelsea Johnson
Gateway Writing Project Tracy L. Brosch
German Culture Center Larry A. Marsh
Give to UMSL Mindy Thurmond
Global Leadership and Management Dept Eboni Valentine
Graduate Association of School Psychologists Erika Rose
Graduate Business Programs Eboni Valentine
Graduate School Amy E. Banken
Greek Studies Tim Wombles
Grounds Maintenance Katy Mike Smaistrla Lampe
Health Services Christopher Sullivan
History Blaine Milligan
Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi Jeanne M. Zarucchi
Honors College
Human Resources
IB Institute Eboni Valentine
IBCC Eboni Valentine
IMBA Eboni Valentine
Information Systems Department Shaji Khan
Information Technology Services Brooke Lawrence
Institutional Research
Institutional Safety Paul B. Anderson
Interdisciplinary Studies Jim Craig
International Business Eboni Valentine
International Business Career Conference Eboni Valentine
International Business Institute Eboni Valentine
International MBA Eboni Valentine
International Studies and Programs Robert Ell
Introchem Valerian T. DSouza
IT Business Eboni Valentine
ITS Academic Services Garrett J. Jones
ITS DSP Brooke Lawrence
ITS ISS David Maczynski
ITS Networking Pollyana C. Appleton
ITS Optical Scanning James O. Friese
ITS Production Services David Gellman
ITS RSHPC Anthony D. Eckert
ITS Security Mark Monroe
ITS Telephone Services Pollyana C. Appleton
ITS TSC James O. Friese
ITS VTS Marcel G. Bechtoldt
Labor Studies Kimberly Stanger
Libraries Timothy Nelson
LoCans Lab Leah Furrow
Logistics Eboni Valentine
Management Eboni Valentine
Marketing Dept Eboni Valentine
Mathematics  Kimberly Stranger
Multicultural Student Services Derrick Freeman
Mercantile Library Nicholas Fry
MFA - Masters of Fine Arts Tim Wombles
Microbes in Action Tim Wombles
Month of Giving Patricia Zahn
MSC Dorian Hall
MTS Mary Thaxton
Museum Studies Program Andrew Hurley
Music Zachary Cairns
Neighborhood Leadership Academy Tim Wombles
Neurodynamics Sonya Bahar
New Student Orientation Megan Green
Non Profit Mgmt and Leadership Kimberly Stanger
NonCredit Registration Services Deborah Doering
Nursing Kate Schnuriger
Nursing Externship Kate Schnuriger
Office of Diversity and Inclusion Ericka Webb
Off Campus Degrees Completion Heather Robinson
Office of Finance Kalisha Lemmitt
Office of Research Administration Tamara Wilgers
Optometry Janice White
Parking and Transportation Dustin Smith
Philosophy Eric Wiland
Physics and Astronomy Ericka Gibb
Planning and Construction Katy Mike Smaistria Lampe
Police David Woods
Political Science Kimberly Stanger
Postal Services
Precollegiate Programs Channon Peoples
Printing Services Tim Wombles
Project Management Service Wayne North
Psychology Steven E. Bruce
Public Policy Administration Kimberly Stanger
Recreation and Wellness Center Yvette Kell
Registration Mary Tackett
Research in Optometry Carl Bassi
Reslife Meryl Jooste
Retirees Lawrence Barton
ROTC James R. Craig
Safe Zone Dakota Miller
Science Education Programs Sara Welch
SGA Melinda Dilley
Sharepoint David Gellman
SLPIC Gregory A. Dahl
Social Work Tivoli Majors
Social Work Based Services Robin Kimberlin
Sociology Jim Craig
St. Louis Metropolitan Research Exchange
STAC (Science and Technology Academic Center) Valerian T. DSouza
Staff Association Jenny Martin
Student Activity Budget Committee Michaela Wells
Student Affairs Jessica Long-Pease
Student Affairs Business Center
Student Conduct Andrea Guimaraes
Student Enrichment and Achievement Aliana Lair
Student Financial Aid Samantha Matchefts
Student Involvement Dorian Hall
Student Planner Jessica Long-Pease
Student Research Office Cornell Lewis
Student Social Services Ruby Ficklen
Student Technology Guide David Maczynski
Study Abroad Bob Ell
Sustainability Katy Mike Smaistrla Lampe
Teach in 12
Technology Procurement Brooke Lawrence
Testing Contributors Garrett J. Jones
The Office of Educator Effectiveness and Accreditation Erika Rose
Title IX Dana Beteet Daniels
UMSL Accelerate Michael Kehoe
UMSL Email David Gellman
UMSL Music Zachary Cairns
UMSL Planetarium Bruce Wilking
UMSL RITE Linda Bell
UMSL SUCCEED Jonathon Lidgus
Undergrad Business Eboni Valentine
University Marketing Tim Wombles
University Program Board Jessica Mode
University Tutoring Center
Veterans Robin Kimberlin
Whitney Harris World Ecology Center Chelsea Nollau