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Site Manager List

Not sure who your department's site manager is? Here's our list of designated site managers across campus.

For questions or to request changes to this list, please contact

Department Site Manager
Accounting John Smith
Advanced Credit Placement Kathleen Burns
Administrative Systems Mary Brown
Advancement, Alumni Records and Dev Systems Kyle Igel, Melinda McEndarfer
Art + Design Jennifer Fischer
Behavioral Neuroscience Carissa Philippi, Tasheia Floyd
Biochemistry and Biotechnology Chung Wong
Biology Lon Chubiz, Jiajia Li
bITS Brooke Lawrence
Budget Alignment Justin Roberts
Budget Services Sherry M. Hieken
Business Administration Lisa Snider
Business Services Mary Thaxton, Jeremy Knake
Business Online Lisa Snider
Campus Mediation Dana Beteet Daniels
Campus Rec Floyd L. Coffin
Campus Safety Initiatives D'Andre Braddix, Coledia Poole, Kasey Fraser-Smith, Marisa Smith
Career Services Teresa A.  Balestreri, Puspa Bueneman, Tegan Klevorn, Erica McClure, Emily McEneny
Campus Testing Center Ramona (Kay) Edwards
Cashiers Jennifer R. Harrell, Mitch Hess, Quinten Smith
Criminology and Criminal Justice Keith Seibel
Center for Business and Industrial Studies Lisa Snider
Center for Character and Citizenship Deborah S. OReilly, Beatrice Shivers, Henry Waterford
Center for Excellence in Financial Counseling Vicki Jacobson
Center for Teaching and Learning Jennifer McKanry, Keeta Holmes, Chelsea Johnson, Dasha Kochuk, Emily Goldstein
Center for the Humanities Karen G. Lucas
Center for Transportation Studies Lisa Snider, Daniel Rust, Sidra Nasser
Chancellor Thomas F. George
Chancellors Cultural Diversity Council Emily H. Klamer, Whitney Abell
Chemistry and Biochemistry Lawrence Barton, Valerian D'Souza, Cynthia Dupureur
Child Development Center Lynn Navin
Childrens Advocacy Center Stephanie Lane
CHOCD Joan Marie Hoscher
coachED Michael Butler
COE Counseling Michael Butler, Mark Pope
COE Ed Collabitat Brian R. Huxtable, Anika Roy, Brenda Simms, Melanie Zamachaj
COE Fiscal Office Michael Butler, Charlene McDaniel
College of Arts and Sciences tbd
College of Education Susan Baber, Ellen Duncan, Michael Butler, John Doyle, Brian Huxtable, Richard Stanton, Melanie Zamachaj
Commencement Amanda D. Wilens
Communication Ryan Krull, Alice Hall, Lara Zwarun
Community Based Research in Sociology Larry Irons
Community Collaborations Elizabeth Sampson, Patricia Zahn
Conference Services Dana Gant, Allyson Bowes
Counseling Services Elise Grigaitis, Laura Holt
Community Innovation and Action Center Paul Sorenson
Community Psychological Services Jhanae White
Creating Whole Communities Karl Guenther, Claire Wolff, Victoria Fick
Cybersecurity Shaji Khan, Dinesh Mirchandani
DARS Tyrome Petty, Mary Tackett, Kasey Fraser-Smith
Disability Access Services Tara L. Cramer, Adam Mann
Department of Military and Veteran Services James R. Craig, Quinisha Jackson
Department of Sociology, Gerontology and Gender Larry Irons
Des Lee Collaborative Vision Patricia Zahn
Development Kyle Igel, Gregory Nelson, Eric Nguyen, Mindy Thurmond
Doctor of Business Administration Lisa Snider, Robin Ridgway
Dual Enrollment Program Kathleen Burns, Brian Farrar
EDCollabitat Michael Butler, Brian Huxtable, Anika Roy, Brenda Simms
Engineering Paul G. Groszewski, Sunitha Ramachandran
English Barbara Van Voorden, Christopher Schott, William Klein, Thomas McKelvie
Environment Gerald Goodwin, Katy Mike Smaistrla Lampe, Steven Struck, Travis Wood
Event Services Dorian Hall
Executive Events Amanda Wilens
Executive Leadership Consortium Lisa Snider
Facilties Management Emily Baize, Katy Mike Smaistrla Lampe
Faculty Senate Loyola E. Harvey
Finance and Legal Studies Lisa Snider
Finance Career Conference Lisa Snider
Financial Aid Yeswanth Kumar Yaddanapudi
Gallery Visio Dorian Hall
Gateway for Online and Adult Learners Chelsea Johnson, Kristen Wilke
Gateway Writing Project Tracy L. Brosch
German Culture Center Larry A. Marsh
Gender Studies Larry Irons, Tiffany Seipel
Give to UMSL Kyle Igel, Gregory Nelson, Eric Nguyen, Mindy Thurmond
Global Leadership and Management Dept Lisa Snider
Graduate Association of School Psychologists Caitlin M. Zurfluh, Kara Long, Katya Sussman
Graduate Business Programs Lisa Snider
Graduate School Amy E. Banken, Wesley Harris, Katie Meyer, Cornell Lewis, Kori Richardson, Amanda Lands
Greek Studies Michael Cosmopoulos, Robert Ell
Grounds Maintenance Katy Mike Smaistrla Lampe
Health Services Marie T. Mueller, Andrea Nichols, Charlene Williams
History Katie Johnson, Ena Selimovic
Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi Jeanne M. Zarucchi
Honors College Gerianne Friedline, Sherry Gerrein, Daniel Gerth, Jennifer Richardson, Holly Pope, Ann Torrusio
Human Resources Tara VanDeVoorde, Jim Hertel
IB Institute Alexandra Loehr, Lisa Snider, Jing Cai, Ji Zhang, Renita Miller-Cormier
IBCC Alexandra Loehr, Jing Cai, Lisa Snider, Ji Zhang, Renita Miller-Cormier
IMBA Alexandra Loehr, Lisa Snider, Renita Miller-Cormier
Information Systems Department Lisa Snider, Shaji Khan, Dinesh Mirchandani, Tim Preuss, Vicki Sauter, Karen Walsh, Weijie Chen, Mashiyath Haque
Information Technology Services Anthony D. Eckert, David Gellman, Dejan Karan, Tempest Reese, Mike Toohey
Innovation Campus Abby Schulte, Tamara Wilgers
Institutional Research Carol Sholy, Mary Thaxton, Larry Westermeyer
Institutional Safety Paul B. Anderson, Danny Freet, Marisa Smith, David Woods
Interdisciplinary Studies Lynn Staley
International Business Annie Mbale, Wei Hsiang Shen
International Business Career Conference Lisa Snider
International Business Institute Lisa Snider
International MBA Lisa Snider
International Student and Scholar Services Jennifer Amatya, Lee Hasegawa, Rebecca Kehe, Lixing Li, James Webb, David West
International Studies and Programs Nathan Daugherty, Robert Ell
Introchem Valerian T. DSouza
IT Business Adrienne Cechura
ITS Academic Services Garrett J. Jones
ITS DSP Brooke Lawrence
ITS FRC Tom Roedel, Jennifer Simms, Paul Wilmarth
ITS ISS Rodney Favignano, David Maczynski, Doug Williams
ITS MyGateway Rodney Favignano, Mary Fowler, Tom Roedel, Jennifer Simms, Linda Watson, Paul Wilmarth
ITS Networking Pollyana C. Appleton
ITS Optical Scanning James O. Friese
ITS Production Services David Gellman
ITS RSHPC Anthony D. Eckert
ITS Security Mark Monroe, Daryl Thompson
ITS Telephone Services Meg Naes
ITS Triton One Card Mary Longsworth, Meg Naes
ITS TSC James O. Friese, Andrea Quinn, Kathryn Rebe
ITS VTS Marcel G. Bechtoldt
IWPL Lynn K. Voss, Deanna Monroe
Labor Studies Robert Russell
LGBTQ D Andre Braddix, Henry Hawkins, Cassidy Mitchell, Coledia Poole
Libraries Christopher Dames, Nichols Fry, Raleigh Muns, Timothy Nelson, Chris Niemeyer, Patrick Tansey
LoCans Lab Leah Furrow
Logistics Lisa Snider
Management Lisa Snider
Marketing Dept Lisa Snider
Mathematics and Computer Science Kimberly Stanger
Multicultural Student Services Channon D. Peoples, Derrick Freeman, Joseph Asaro
Medicinal Chemistry Group Kendra Perry, Tamara Wilgers
Mercantile Library Daron Dierkes, Nicholas Fry, Porsche Schlapper, Amanda Schneider, Sean Visintainer
MFA - Masters of Fine Arts John Dalton, William Klein, Barbara Von Voorden
Microbes in Action Tim Wombles
MIS Mentoring Lisa Snider, Jujian Chen, Bob McCarthy, Joseph Rottman
Month of Giving Kelly B. Gregory, Patricia Zahn
MSC Dorian Hall, Jessica Long-Pease
MTS Mary Thaxton
Museum Studies Program Andrew Hurley
Music Zachary Cairns
Nanoscience Lawrence Barton, Tamara Wilgers
Neighborhood Leadership Academy Karl Guenther, Claire Wolff, Victoria Fick
Neurodynamics Sonya Bahar
New Student Orientation Megan Green, Erin Sullivan
Non Profit Mgmt and Leadership Gina Parsons
NonCredit Registration Services Deborah Doering
Nursing Kelsey Cripe, Douglas Hughey, Mai Urai, Ruoyun Wang, Timothy Rasch
Nursing Externship Douglas Hughey
OASIS Michael Butler, Brian Huxtable, Ellen Meadows, Ryan Neace, Richard Stanton, Laura Watt, Melanie Zamachaj
Office of Diversity and Inclusion Whitley Abell
Office of Student Involvement Jessica Mode
Off Campus Degrees Completion Susan Y. Bateman, Krystal Lang, Melissa Pashia
Office of Finance John Creamer, Linda Gatson
Office of Provost Jacqueline Carter, Elizabeth Sampson, Tanisha Stevens
Office of Research Administration Nasser Arshadi, Abby Schulte, Brenda Stutte, Craig Weilbaecher, Tamara Wilgers
Opportunity Scholars Mark J. Curry, Adrianne O'Keefe, Andrew Griffin
Optometry Carl J. Bassi, Janice White
Parking and Transportation Captain Marisa Smith, David Woods, Paul Anderson, Brian Clements, Sandra Ray
Philosophy Eric Wiland
Physics and Astronomy Eric Majzoub, Bruce Wilking
Planning and Construction Katherine Belcher-Silverman, Matthew Gunn, Lisa Monserrate, Kathy Mike Smaistria Lampe
Police David Woods, Marisa Smith
Political Science Sarah Peskar
Postal Services John Creamer, Mary Thaxton
Precollegiate Programs Channon Peoples, Derrick Freeman, Joseph Asaro
Printing Services Christina Toth
Project Management Service Wayne North, Tim Preuss
Psychology Steven E. Bruce, Jhanae White
Public Policy Administration Gina Parsons
Recreation and Wellness Center Emily B. Davidson, Yvette Kell, Kenneth Wolters
Registration Tyrome Petty, Mary Tackett
Research in Optometry Carl Bassi
Reslife Dana Gant, Allyson Bowes
Retirees Lawrence Barton
ROTC James R. Craig, Scott Tamme
Safe Zone Laura L. Holt
Science Education Programs Kathy Burney
SCOPE Michael Butler, Brian Huxtable, Anika Roy, Melanie Zamachaj, Richard Stanton
SGA Briana Q. Robertson, Rainer Gall, Jessica Long-Pease, Kathryn Loucks, Joseph Dordoni
Sharepoint David Gellman
SLPIC Gregory A. Dahl, Deana Smith
Small Business Resources Lisa Snider
Smoke Free D'Andre Braddix, Coledia Poole
Social Work Caitlin M. Zurfluh, Tivoli Majors
Social Work Based Services D'Andre Braddix, Robin Kimberlin
Sociology Larry Irons
SSP - Senior Scholars Program Angela Coker, Jennifer Culver, Ka Yan Leung, Cornell Lewis, Latisha Smith
St. Louis Metropolitan Research Exchange tbd
STAC (Science and Technology Academic Center) Valerian T. DSouza
Staff Association Angelique Forsha, David Gellman, Nicholas Palisch, Mary Tackett
Student Activity Budget Committee Jessica Long-Pease
Student Affairs D'Andre Braddix, Laura Erzen, Coledia Poole, Ashlee Roberts
Student Affairs Business Center tbd
Student Conduct D'Andre Braddix, Coledia Poole
Student Financial Aid Mark J. Curry, Adrianne O'Keefe, Yeswanth Yaddanapudi, Samantha Matchefts, Svetlana Veljkovich
Student Involvement Xavier Blackwell, Melinda Dilley, Darryl Downing, Rainer Gall, Lisa Hallquist, Kendra Kelch, Skip Jones, Jessica Long-Pease, Colleen Pace, Ashlee Roberts
Student Planner D'Andre Braddix
Student Research Office Wesley R. Harris, Cornell Lewis
Student Retention Services Christopher R. Miller
Student Social Services Ruby Ficklen
Student Technology Guide Rodney Favignano, David Maczynski, Douglas Williams
Study Abroad Nathan Daugherty
Sue Shear Institute for Women in Public Life Lynn Voss
Sustainability Katy Mike Smaistrla Lampe
Teach in 12 Brian Huxtable, Ellen Duncan, Anika Roy
Technology Procurement Brooke Lawrence
Testing Contributors Garrett J. Jones
The Office of Educator Effectiveness and Accreditation Michael K. Butler, Brian Huxtable, Ellen Meadows, Anika Roy, Ryan Neace, Richard Stanton, Christine Sykora, Melanie Zamachaj
The School of Fine and Performing Arts Tim Wombles
Title IX Kathleen M. Falcon, Jessica Swederske
Toastmasters Melinda McEndarfer, Andrea Purnell
Transfer Services Christy Hummel, Sue Bateman
Transgender Spectrum Conference Henry Hawkins, Cassidy Mitchell
UHWCS Elise S Grigaitis, Andrea Nichols, Charlene Williams
UMSL Accelerate Ala M. Al-Lozi, Lisa Snider, Tamas Javor
UMSL Email David Gellman, Mike Toohey
UMSL Jazz Camp Zachary Cairns
UMSL Music Education Program Zachary Cairns
UMSL NOW Kathleen Burns
UMSL Planetarium Anamaria Baluyut, Bruce Wilking
UMSL RITE Linda Bell, Michael Butler, Judith Cochran, Anna Gardnerandrews, Lucy Hubert, Brian Huxtable, Melanie Zamachaj
UMSL SUCCEED Andrew Kleithermes
Undergrad Business Lisa Snider
University Marketing Justin Roberts, Timothy Wombles
University Program Board Charlotte Kawa, Jessica Long-Pease, Jessica Mode, Scarlet Montilla, Madison Weiss
University Tutoring Center Tyson Holder
Veterans Anthony Bertolini, James Craig, Heath McClung, Robert O'Neill, Erin Casey
Volunteer Services Nancy J. Draper, Marcus Sanguinette, Tara VanDeVoorde
Welcome Center Tim Wombles
Wellness Resource Center Elise S Grigaitis, Andrea Nichols, Charlene Williams
Whitney Harris World Ecology Center Eva Colberg