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From print brochures to environmental graphics, promotional videos to digital ads and audio assets, and everything in between, Creative Services takes pride in every project that comes to our table.

Our overall mission is to create compelling and strategic marketing materials that showcase UMSL as the remarkable institution that it is. We know that it takes time, research, talent and a lot of teamwork to create the kind of quality work we can all be proud of. And, our skilled team is dedicated to giving each project the time and attention it deserves.

Getting Started: Do Your Research

Before we begin work to design and create a new project, it is vital that we understand your mission, goals and unique audience. Your time spent researching before we begin does three things:

  1. Ensures that graphic designs and content copy accurately represent your department
  2. Results in a product that is relevant and compelling to your target audience
  3. Saves each of us valuable time and avoids unnecessary or costly redesigns*

After you've done your research, you'll need to fill out a WORK ORDER.

Our Design Process

Each design project goes through a complex process that includes brainstorming, sketching, copywriting, revisions and evaluation before completion. In short, a good design rarely comes quickly and easily. We approach every project from multiple angles to ensure that the best results are achieved. You are always part of the process, starting with your work order.

For us to be able to best assist our university colleagues with their projects/needs, each client will receive two graphic/content review opportunities for a project. These include the first proof and final revisions.

It’s imperative that you thoroughly review and engage with the first proof before sending it back to us. Our team will make revisions if needed, based on your input, then return the work to you for a final revision and sign off.

* Please be aware that after these two revisions, print/delivery deadlines could be affected and additional costs may be incurred should further revisions be requested.

Let’s Talk

It’s important to us that we talk with you before we begin. This helps us generate ideas and imagery that will best represent your promotional materials. Be sure to fully answer questions related to your project in the work order form. We will need to have your guidance on potential graphic elements and copy related to your request. Examples/samples are great too! We are always happy to answer any questions you may have and look forward to discussing how we can make your effort as effective as possible.



Contact Us:

Traci Moore, Director of Creative Services

60 J.C. Penney Bldg.
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